Tidewater Golf Pic 2Archie Lemon, General Manager at Tidewater Golf Club, joins host Shan Coughlin for this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand with the Play Tidewater Golf Club – June 2015 Update.  Listen as Archie tells Shan that the golf course is looking better right now than it has all year with the heat loving grass out there.   The summer has definitely brought the heat but at Tidewater, there is a steady breeze off the water.  With half of its holes on the water including some on the inlet, some up on bluffs and others on the intercoastal waterway, the afternoons are slightly cooler out at Tidewater due to their location.

This is just one of the many reasons to add Tidewater to your play list for summer golf.  Another to consider is that it is the most decorated course in North and South Carolina.  As such, it is part of the Myrtle Beach Best group.  This is a group of 16 golf courses promoting themselves together to give golfers a great golf collection for their vacation.  Archie says that while the name may seem a bit conceited, that they feel the quality of courses in this group is outstanding and they are some of the the most demanded course which demands a name that represents them well.

Shan asks Archie about one of the par 3’s at Tidewater she remembers playing where the golfer hits an almost blind shot to the green over the tall grasses that grow in the marsh.  Archie tells her that it is #17 and they joke that she may just be too short.  Those grasses are cut back about twice a year but in between, they still grow to 6 or 7 feet tall.   All of the par 3’s at Tidewater are well known, especially #3 and #12 which are set up on the bluffs giving golfers a vista of the Atlantic ocean, the hotels, and some fantastic wildlife.

Tidewater Golf PicThroughout this interview Shan and Archie tell golf stories along with producer Jeff Gilder.  They remember fondly having the daylights scared out of them by Keith Stanzel and his collection of rubber snakes.  Just beware Keith – they may be plotting to get you back.  Other highlights include Archie’s thoughts on the upcoming US Open and the course out west, Chambers Bay.  To hear the entire track, click the play button on the video or audio file above.  You can also download it for listening or viewing on demand.

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