Tidewater LogoArchie Lemon, PGA professional in North Myrtle Beach and general manager of Tidewater Golf Club, joins host Shan Coughlin on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand. Lemon brings listeners updates on the course conditions at Tidewater, as well as some special tips that visitors can only get right here!

Having that country club feel with a gated entrance and surrounded by beautiful homes, Tidewater Golf Club is a public golf course located in a private community. The homes in the community are simply beautiful. Lemon explains that there is a Tree Replacement Program implemented in their area, where for every tree that is removed, another is planted. So, because of that, along with the beautifully designed homes, the scenery is just gorgeous.

The current state of the Tidewater Golf Club course is pristine. After closing last June to completely re-do the greens, Tidewater opened October 1st, and is now, with almost a year of growth, in the best shape ever. Lemon said they are receiving so many great reviews that many local and industry people are calling to say they want to play! Lemon said playing in the afternoon is no problem right now, but Tidewater is experiencing a full tee sheet in the mornings.

Tidewater GolfThe weather is another factor drawing players to Tidewater. Although temperatures can be on the warm side in South Carolina summers, the cool ocean breeze creates an welcomed breeze along Tidewater’s holes on the saltwater marshes.   A couple great reasons to golf on the warm summer days include: First, the courses are much less crowded in the summer.  And second, there are better prices at this time of year. Finally, Tidewater is in top condition this summer and shouldn’t be missed!

Tidewater will be phenomenal in the fall season, as well, explained Lemon. He said the team at Tidewater makes a daily routine of manicuring the course. On Sundays and Mondays, Lemon said they groom the greens to perfection. They get nothing but TLC in the summertime, since it’s growing season.  As far as specific dates, Lemon said Tidewater will close July 29th through August 5th  to allow for the aerification of the entire golf course. The staff is bringing in a professional company to assist in the aerifying, which is the process of creating air space in the soil, to allow the grass to root and grow better. This will be especially helpful for the greens. Lemon said they will then allow the course to heal and be groomed a little more before reopening. After this process is complete, the course will be in absolute premier shape for the fall golf season.

Tidewater Golf PicIf you are planning a fall golf trip to the beach, be sure to stop at Tidewater Golf Club for exceptionally nice course conditions. Not only do fall golfers have the benefit of playing a great course, but the warm weather tends to continue through to about November – sometimes to Thanksgiving! As far as Lemon is concerned, fall golf lasts until December, until the holidays interrupt the season!

Lemon then shared some tips for golfers that they won’t find anywhere else:

  1. If you are traveling from a location where the elevation is higher, keep in mind that here at sea level, the ball does not fly as far. You will need to use more club.
  2. When visiting Tidewater, be sure that you select the proper set of tees. There are six sets of tees out there. It’s a beautiful course, but a challenging golf course. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Play the front nine and if it’s not enough for you, move it back some.
  3. You need to visit Tidewater! The course is in phenomenal shape. For morning tee times, please call at or after 4 p.m. the day before. The course is also promoting a spring package already with the Myrtle Beach Best, which includes 15 other of the area’s best courses.

The best way to find more information about Tidewater Golf Club and the money-saving packages available to golfers, visit www.tidewatergolf.com. There are a lot of videos to watch and great reviews on website. You can also leave a review and it will post instantly. Additionally, be sure to check out myrtlebeachgolfpackages.com for more information about the Myrtle Beach Best 16 courses.