Myrtle Beach Golf Packages Spring 2016 by The Golf DirectorMyrtle Beach Golf Packages Spring 2016

Booking of Myrtle Beach Golf Packages Spring 2016 has gotten off to a great start. We had a pretty good idea this was going to be a good year as early as late summer. Golfers are heeding our advice to book early, save money, and guarantee preferred lodging and tee times. As the fall golf season progress, bookings for spring continued to increase. But, the real indicator has been the activity level in January and early February.

TGD Vacations Growth

We’re off to great start for the year here at The Golf Director. We’re a relatively new and smaller package company compared to the others here in Myrtle Beach, but have been growing steadily since beginning in mid-2014. As of this writing we already have more bookings than total rounds in 2016. That’s a great feeling, and means we’re ready add more resources.

New Golfers

One of the most important metrics we measure are the number of golfers we book who have never been to Myrtle Beach. We have been consistently between 20% and 25% since we began. Bringing new golfers to the area is a high priority. Being able to find and engage them is an accomplishment we cherish.

Online Tee Times

Online tee times continue to rise year after year, and seem to have really picked up this year. Some courses still report low percentages for online tee times. To those we recommend updating websites and content to accommodate the new trend. Golf (all web surfers) are looking for the shortest path to their search intent. Giving them the tools they need / expect, and making them readily apparent is of key importance.

Larger Groups

Larger groups will still benefit from the experience and assistance of a profession golf packager. The logistics of arranging grouped tee times and lodging is better left to those who know the ropes. Anyone booking a large group (8 or more) should begin planning with a packager at least 6 months in advance to achieve the best results.

Supply and Demand

The most popular tee times and accommodations for Myrtle Beach Golf Packages Spring 2016 always book up first. Getting a preferred round in March, April, and May requires getting your booking done very early. Courses are already heavily booked…and it is only early February. Golfers relaxed a bit when we still had over 100 courses here in Myrtle Beach. But, now with 80+ the demand on those courses is heavy during both (Spring and Fall) peak seasons.

Let us know if there is specific information you need for Myrtle Beach Golf Packages Spring 2016. You can chat with our booking agents here on the site. Leave a message if we’re offline, or give us a call at 844.GoGolf1 (844-464-6531). Follow us on twitter @TheGolfDirector and like us on Facebook at httpss://