The Myrtle Beach Golf Packages peak weeks booking for spring 2015 began creating higher premium tee time and lodging demands before the fall 2014 season ended. We began reporting what we thought would become a busier 2015 spring season last summer along with warnings for golfers to book early. Those who heeded the advice have done well. The larger groups still waiting til the last minute to book are going to find it difficult to get preferred tee times and nearby lodging for peak weeks.

Peak Weeks

It is interesting that that peak weeks for booking and peak weeks for pricing do not line up this year. They actually have not lined up in some time, but tee time pricing structures in place still have higher prices for March tee times than later in the spring. Tee time rates start dropping in April, and as of right now it looks like late April and early May are the new Peak periods. One would think prices would be higher during the peak period. Most golfers and package providers would prefer more level pricing throughout the spring, and based on actual bookings, that would make more sense. Package pricing is also affected by lodging rates. We see the higher summer rates coming into effect in mid to late May.

Most Availability

Based on current patterns, late comers booking Myrtle Beach golf packages this spring still have plenty of options for February, scattered throughout March and even in early April. But the new peak period of late April and early May have much fewer options available, especially for larger groups.  If you’re the planner for a group coming to the beach for golf this spring, we can’t stress enough the need for getting your booking in place.

Why the Change?

To better understand why there is more competition for the new peak period, here are a few facts affecting the change:

1. The improvements in the economy over recent months have overall prompted more discretionary spending.

2. In the Myrtle Beach area there are fewer courses than there were 10 years ago.

3. In the two previous springs, the Myrtle Beach area has suffered some colder and wetter weather than normal. Last year there were a couple of ice storms early in the season.

4. Traveling to Myrtle Beach in late April and early May ensures a higher likelihood of warmer and sunnier days.

5. Pricing still remains the lowest in years. Golf in Myrtle Beach is still a bargain.

6. Although Myrtle Beach has an abundance of lodging options, golf villas near courses are still limited.

Other Factors

We think one of the positive factors that will boost golf travel in 2015 is falling gas prices. Here along the Grand Strand we’re seeing prices well below $2.00 per gallon, even down into the $1.80s. While this may not be a major factor, it should certainly come into play. Gas prices seem to have more of a psychological impact than the minute financial impact. At least that was the case when they were rising.

Bottom Line

Myrtle Beach Golf PackagesPrime tee times and lodging are going fast, but there are still plenty of options for interested golfers. Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer to visiting golfers. There are some of the most beautiful and pristinely maintained golf courses in the world in along the Grand Strand. And, pricing is still at records lows.  The selection of restaurants and lodging is immense, and there is plenty of entertainment for those interested in after-golf activities. Make plans now! If you need help let us know, we love creating custom Myrtle Beach golf packages. Visit The Golf Director Myrtle Beach Golf Packages page.