Golf Results on GolfRap

Just like he has for the past 100 Mondays at 10 AM, The Godfather delivers the weekends golf results, news, and commentary on GolfRap. This morning he’s going solo with HR3 being a little under the weather. TGD Radio and TV keeps you up to date with the latest golf news each week. Tune in Thursdays at 10 AM to TGD Today for The Round Table (anything goes), Pro Golf talk  (preview of upcoming weekend), and Tech Talk (equipment and tips), and be sure to catch The Rules of Golf on Fridays at 9 AM with Martyn Woodhouse. Other TGD Radio and TV features include golf course updates on Tee It Up Grand Strand, Tee It Up Wilmington, and Tee It Up Mississippi, as well as Amateur Golf Talk Live with Shan Coughlin and Golf Gossip with Shan and Jamie Ketola. All TGD Radio and TV content is aired live, placed into a 24 / 7 replay loop and archived for listen on-demand.

The Golf Director is an interactive multimedia network offering golf news and information, golf course updates, and golf vacation packaging.

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