Meadowlands Golf Club December 2015 Update

meadowlands-golf-clubGeneral manager Jason Monahan and head golf professional Shawn Denney welcome host Shan Coughlin to Meadowlands Golf Club to discuss the course’s pristine greens and 2016 specials on this edition of Tee It UP Grand Strand for the Meadowlands Golf Club December 2015 Update.

General manager Jason Monahan and head golf professional Shawn Denney welcome host Shan Coughlin to Meadowlands Golf Club to discuss the course’s pristine greens and 2016 specials on this edition of Tee It UP Grand Strand.  With December temperatures in the mid 70s fahrenheit, Denney said they see a lot of northern traffic at Meadowlands Golf Club, including visitors from winter destinations like New England and Canada. “Love to see them. Even when I think it’s cold, they’re out there in shorts, so I think it’s great,” Denney said, laughing.  

Denney said the No. 1 question asked in the pro shop is, “Is there a lot of water on the course?” He explained that the front nine has a lot more of water on it than the back nine, which is a little bit easier. “It’s a beautiful great target golf course. A thinking man’s golf course. Get out here and test your skills,” Denney said.  Monahan told Coughlin that although there is a lot of water on the course, it does not all come into play. Although there are a lot of hazards, bunkers and water, there are very few forced carries. The majority of the water hazards are off to the side of the fairway, and only a few smaller ones that intersect the hole. Monahan assured that any handicap can enjoy Meadowlands based on the tees they play.

Denney said his favorite hole at Meadowlands is No. 16, which is a par 4 dogleg left. He said he likes to try to cut the corner over the trees, and although it’s a big challenge for him, it’s still a lot of fun! Denney told Coughlin he likes to play from the white tees, as he is not a very long ball hitter, just a consistent hitter.  Coughlin said another thing that is consistent at Meadowlands are the greens. Despite an unusually wet fall season on the Grand Strand and fluctuating temperatures into the winter months, the superintendents at Meadowlands Golf Club have been able to keep the greens in excellent playing condition.

Meadowlands 2“This has actually been great growing weather,” Monahan explained. “For the first time in about three, four years we’ve overseeded our greens, which normally we do not. We’ll let the Bermuda go dormant and play on that surface. Because of the tough winters we’ve had – cold and wet the past few years, we decided to put that overseed down almost as a blanket of protection for the putting surfaces and the weather that we are having right now, I mean, how can you beat it? 75 degrees, sunny, not a cloud in the sky – this is great, great growing weather for the overseed. It is enjoying this, everything is healthy, it’s lush. We’re coming into what we call our winter, maybe the 50s, high 40s; we’re coming into it with a good head of steam and great, well-conditioned courses,” he concluded.  With weather this nice, Denney said he sometimes gets jealous watching visitors enjoying the warm weather, playing a great course, and he wishes he could be out there, too. He also admitted to being a bit biased towards Meadowlands, “Well, I think that I have the better course, yes. I’ll be honest with you,” he said laughing. “Farmstead is a great, fantastic course, I just like the target and the thinking over here more than the open fairways over there.”   

Golfers who visit Meadowlands Golf Club have a great opportunity to also play sister course Farmstead Golf Links, which is only about one mile away. Each course offers a distinctly different experience. While Meadowlands is a parkland-style, target-oriented course featuring more elevation changes and softer, slower playing, Farmstead is a link-style course with open fairways and faster, firmer playing. Both courses offer some great golfing packages coming into 2016.  For the new year, the courses offer a 2016 annual membership for the Farmstead and Meadowlands Golf Association, which also provides privileges at about 25 other related courses. Additionally, the courses provide a snowbird membership for those visiting the Myrtle Beach area for the winter months. This monthly membership is tailored to each individual and is available November through March.

For more information on specials or playing at Meadowlands Golf Club, visit, or call the pro shop at (888) 287-7529.