This edition of Tee It UP goes to Wilmington North Carolina to see Jonathan Fackler for the Masonboro Golf Club February 2016 Update.  This is the first update from Masonboro and it is great to have the opportunity to bring you, the viewers, information on the is fantastic course.  Jonathan is a new addition to the staff though not new to golf.  As he says, he’s been in the business now 16 years, “half his life”.  He began working carts and has worked his way through the ranks.  He has been in the Wilmington area since 2005 so he knows this area well and can give great insights on all Wilmington has to offer.

Masonboro Golf Club holeJonathan tells Shan how excited he has been that the weather has cooperated so well.  Last year there were many days the course had to close due to weather but this year they have had the chance to host more golfers.  Jonathan says that it is great to have people get to play and see the course especially since the extensive renovations.  Shan comment that though she scored well the last time she played, that it is not an easy course.  Jonathan agreed that it is a shot makers course and has some of the best greens in the area.  It is a true test of golf with the shots you have to make and the speed of the greens.


This winter they did not overseed at Masonboro Golf Club but as Jonathan points out, there are just a few more weeks until it greens up.  They did paint the  greens this year but other than aesthetics, the dormant Bermuda grass has no effect on the game itself.

This year Masonboro Golf Club very deliberately changed its name from Masonboro Country Club.  Because of the location and the feel of the course and surrounding areas, Jonathan says they field calls everyday asking if they are open to the public.  Because of this, they felt a name change would help.  Masonboro Golf Club is 100% public but you do get that private course feel as you enter the neighborhood and drive back to the course.

Masonboro Golf Club holeOne thing interesting about Jonathan is that he truly enjoys teaching beginners.  He works with the local middle school and high school teams, hosts the First Tee Clinics almost every Monday and works with a lot of new golfers.  He says he has experienced golfers too, of course, but his novice and ladies clinics and students are some of his best.  Check the event calendar on the website for the upcoming spring and summer clinics.


Masonboro Golf Club is located about ten minutes from downtown Wilmington North Carolina on the way to Carolina Beach.  That’s roughly 30 minutes from Wrightsville Beach and a bit over an hour from Myrtle Beach proper.  With so much going on in the area, Wilmington is quickly becoming a golf destination in its own right though its located close to Pinehurst and the Myrtle Beach area Grand Strand.

For more information on the course and to make a tee time, visit  If you are traveling for a golf buddy trip or on business and want to get in a few rounds, ask for the PGA (Play Golf Again) package from your golf travel provider.

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