glutesThe secret to good golf….keep your glutes activated! Gluteus Maximus Deactivation Syndrome (GMDS) can occur without warning! Know the early signs. Take appropriate measures to avoid this crippling disorder. Some of the side effects may include lower back pain, reduced swing speed, missed fairways, lousy putting, and embarrassing press encounters.  If there was ever any doubt as to the source of Tiger’s problems of late, his withdrawal from the Farmer’s Insurance Open at Torrey Pines certainly brought them to the forefront. It was improper glute activation all along. Who knew? I’m not making fun of the man, just pointing out just how focussed he has become on mechanics. Perhaps too focussed to play the game. Sure, I understand the importance of activated glutes. At least now I do. Move over tight hamstrings, make room for deactivated glutes as the primary reason for lower back problems.

Tiger, do you think if you stopped trying to swing the club like a teenager your deactivated glutes would still be the problem they’ve become? I think not. Tiger, you’re nearly 40! Why do you think you have to be the longest guy on tour to keep playing? Can’t you settle for being the longest (nearly) 40 year old on tour? You are an amazing athlete who once had incredible feel and a mental advantage on everyone else in the field. At your age, it’s not about (or shouldn’t be about) swing speed. Check the ego and start concentrating on playing the course rather than over analyzing your body and swing. Go spend some time with Fred Couples. He’s still playing and swinging more smoothly than ever…obviously with both, properly activated and occasionally deactivated glutes.

The gluteus maximus deactivation syndrome was just a bit much for me…an average fan. I’ve always been a Tiger fan, but found myself embarrassed by this over analyzation of a tight lower back. I do believe he possesses the talent to have another run on the tour. More wins for sure, and possibly more majors. But here is proof that physical talent can be sidelined by mental distraction. And this is what is happening with Tiger. Mental distraction. At this point, I’m beginning to wonder if it is really over for the dude. I’ve been in his corner all along, but, have finally tired of all the biometric BS he is shoveling about.

Perhaps the best thing for Tiger would be to get psychiatric help and just coach himself. He is obviously too caught up in analysis to remember how to play the game. When  a former World dominating player doesn’t break 80, there’s a lot more going on than deactivated glutes! Here’s a guy who should be able to shoot par using only a 5 iron.

So, for all you up and coming aspiring golfers, remember to keep your glutes activated.  Personally, I’ve always liked a tight ass, but that was until I learned it could learned it could cause my swing speed to dip below 120 freaking miles per hour. Well, maybe I’m still a fan. At least now, thanks to the Tiger, I have my glutes in perspective.