iTrainer Golf

Darren McEntee of iTrainer Golf recently visited our North Myrtle Beach studios and gave an awesome demonstration of this new product. To call it a “new” product is a bit misleading, since iTrainer has been around for a few years, but the latest release of the golf training device is considerably more advanced, and much smaller than previous releases. iTrainer began distribution in North America in May (2015) and our broadcast team had the opportunity to put it through some tests. We’re still testing…can’t seem to put it away!

State-of-the Art Technology at a Fraction of the Cost

All the technology packed into this tiny device would cost tens of thousands of dollars if purchased with traditional golf training simulator equipment. But iTrainer costs a few hundred….$249.00 in its current configuration. The simplicity of its operation is surprising. Even an old gray beard like myself had no problems getting used to it.
The device, barely larger than a fingernail, attaches to the shaft of any golf club and connects via blue tooth to any smart device. The free iTrainer app that is available on iTunes and the Google Play store syncs seamlessly to the device and provides the average golfer tools that only a few golf training institutions choose to afford. Seriously! This thing even shows tempo, timing, ball speed, swing speed, and ball flight metrics…even if you’re hitting plastic balls. Golfers have the ability to make adjustments based on included interactive instruction and see the results in the data provided. iTrainer has been tested for accuracy next to its more expensive competitors and performs to an amazing result.

Train Anywhere With iTrainer

So, in your living room, garage, or office, you can practice year round and perfect your golf swing. iTrainer can even be set up in seconds on the range to during your warm up, or even between nines to solve a swing issue. And, if you’re working with a coach/instructor, you can share your data with him/her from anywhere. Our resident golf instructor, Hugh Royer III, was extremely impressed with the type of data provided and said using the iTrainer is a no brainer for any golfer at any skill level.
There are several new features being developed for iTrainer, including the ability to play virtual rounds on a growing number of golf courses…just like in a full-blown simulator. The company expects to release games to involve younger golfers (and their parents and grandparents) in the near future.

More to Come

The included video was shot impromptu in our studio during Darren’s visit using his iPad and some whiffle balls. He is returning this summer when we will create a more professionally produced video. By then we will have iTrainer set up in our hitting area with a large screen or projector to better display the data. We’re excited about this new product. Check it out at httpss:// Be sure to take a look at the “how to use” and “learning videos on the website to see just how simple iTrainer is to operate.  You will be able to sample (first hand) the data it provides.