Ian Poulter's comments about chambers bayWas Ted Bishop Right?

Ian Poulter’s Comments About Chambers Bay have me thinking Ted Bishop was right even though he was crucified by the media for his words? The comments made by Mr. Bishop on social media that led to him losing his job as President of the PGA of America referred to to Poulter as a ‘lil girl.  I don’t think most people really thought Mr. Bishop was in any way degrading females in his remark, nor do I. But, those allegations added fuel to the firing that rather quickly occurred. In today’s politically correct society one has to be more careful when choosing words used to call someone out on social media. In my opinion, Mr. Bishop would have been most accurate if he had called Poulter a hopeless and habitual whiner….or possibly a whiney-assed baby. Let the record show that I mean no offense to the babies out there, the other hopeless and/or habitual whiners, or the asses who may not want to be associated with or compared to Poulter. Either of the aforementioned descriptions would have worked, and (again) in my opinion, was where Mr. Bishop was actually headed.

Poulter’s Words on GolfDigest

How can anyone, who is a professional golfer, complain so openly about green conditions that obviously did not affect the play of many of  his competitors? Mr. Poulter was reported by Golf Digest HERE as saying,  “It is disgraceful that the @USGA hasn’t apologized about the greens,” he wrote. “They simply have said ‘we are thrilled the course condition this week.’ It wasn’t a bad golf course, In fact it played well and was playable.What wasn’t playable were the green surfaces. If this was a regular PGA tour event lots of players would have withdrawn and gone home on Wednesday, but players won’t do that for a major. They were simply the worst most disgraceful surface I have ever seen on any tour in all the years I have played. The US Open deserves better than that.” But, the greens were playable by a number of others.

How does one (being a professional golfer) say they are unplayable when others found them playable? It should be noted that Poulter complained about the course months before he actually saw it. Perhaps he was beaten before he arrived, and complained about the greens as his defense. Man up Poulter! You’re supposed to be a professional. Many of us amateurs play greens like that on a (fairly) regular basis…why should being a pro prevent you from the opportunity to show how good you can be in adverse conditions. But, wait, perhaps that is exactly what happened.

Exciting and Entertaining

Watching golf after the US Open has, thus far, seemed boring. The US Open at Chambers Bay was without a doubt one of, if not the best, golf tournament I’ve ever watched. I realize the greens were not what these guys are used to, but Ian, they were the same for everyone. Watching these guys adjust to the course layout, the conditions, and test their mental skills on every shot created excitement we, as fans, are not used to watching. Exciting golf like what we saw at Chambers Bay will certainly bring more fans to the TV, and possibly to golf course.

Ian Poulter’s Comments About Chambers Bay

Ian Poulter’s Comments about Chambers Bay should be filed away right where they belong…in the trash. I can imagine the frustration felt by those who struggled at Chambers Bay. But, one would think the fact that several golfers managed to score on the greens, would be enough to halt Mr. Poulter’s crying. I guess Louis Oosthuizen must have been playing different set of greens.