Hit Your Hybrids Better with Blake Valand at Cape Fear National

Destination Slider Wilomington Cape FearThis edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand comes from Leland North Carolina where Brad Walker describes the lifestyle in the Brunswick Forest community and you learn how to hit your hybrids better with Blake Valand at Cape Fear National Golf Club.  This facility, located within the Brunswick Forest community just five miles south of Wilmington North Carolina and 45 minutes north of the Grand Strand, has all of the amenities you need and some you don’t.  Those are nice ones to have.  From the country club style service you receive from Cape Fear National Golf Club that is open to the public, to the tennis courts, shopping and restaurants nearby and a variety of housing to choose from, there is something for everyone.

First, Brad Walker, Director of Marketing, talks with host Shan Coughlin about all of the construction going on in the area.  Home site sales are up and the best part is, while you can see the homes from some of the holes, they do not come into play.  The quality is also extremely high as the model home in the background was designated sa an Ideal Home by Ideal Living Magazine.  Tribute Homes, one of the builders within Brunswick Forest, is the builder of that model.  Brad tells Shan that Fuzzy Zoeller was out recently and gave his stamp of approval to the course and the community.  That definitely says something since Fuzzy has been known to be a bit opinionated.


CapeFearNationalGetting back to the course, Shan mentions the dark green color and rich, full fairways.  Brad says that they do overseed in the winter months.  The contrast is beautiful and matched with the bent grass greens that love the cooler weather, golfers are sure to have a round to remember.  When Shan mentions that not many courses in the area have bent grass as most have switched to one of the newer strands of Bermuda, Brad says that they have a very heat tolerant strand, the A1A4 strand.  The greens get very fast when the weather is cool and they have had a great winter which means this spring should be devine.

For more information on the neighborhood, Brunswick Forest, visit their website www.brunswickforest.com. You may also want to take advantage of their Coastal Discovery tour which includes being put up in the Villas on property, a round of golf and a tour of the ammenities and Wilmington North Carolina.  This experience gives you the real look at what living here might be like.

For more information on the course visit www.capefearnational.com where you can book a tee time, get information on memberships and see more of the course through their pictures and videos.


And now for our tip from Blake Valand on how to hit your hybrid or fairway wood better.  On a Par 5, how far you have to the hole determines the club you need.  When you have a shot to reach it in two, don’t hesitate to pick up that fairway wood.  The key is in the set up.  Especially with a little wind, make sure the ball is off your inside front heel and your weight is 50/50 on both feet.  You can even put a bit more on the front foot.  Blake says the tendency is to put your weight on the back foot and help the ball into the air which actually make us hit the top of the ball.  Keep your weight forward, hit down on the ball and watch it fly.

Shan hits him up for a second tip as well, which you’ll need to watch to see.  Thank you for interacting with us on TheGolfDirector.com.  Hit ’em straight and we’ll see you in the fairway!