high-heat-driverOne of the most used items in our day-to-day lives is the mirror. It allows us to catch a glimpse of ourselves, and fix any blemish we might see before we leave to take on the day.  The reflective face of golf’s hottest new driver, High Heat, serves the same purpose for our golf swings. With each strike a clear impression of the ball shows on the clubface, indicating to the golfer exactly where contact was made – center, towards the heel, on the toe, high, low. This instant feedback gives us the information we need to correct our swing on the next shot. A simple wipe of the face creates a clean slate for the next swing.

“This is tremendous feedback,” said LINKS Magazine editor George Peper in a recent article. “My ball impressions were all over the lot, with many of them high in the toe area, indicative of an out-to-in swipe that produced those weak shots to the right. … On the basis of this feedback alone, I would recommend you give High Heat a try.”  Ryan Hawk of the Hackers Paradise wrote: “Compared to the standard brushed or black face we see on most modern drivers, the High Heat’s polished mirror face is maybe its most unique visual feature. Aside from looking curiously cool, it does provide a distinctive, repeatable method of determining where one makes impact. The ball mark from each shot shows up easily on the face, yet wipes away quickly, allowing the user a visual point of reference for their impact location.”

high-heat-driverOf course, the reflective clubface is not the only reason to purchase this new driver from www.knuthgolf.com. Far from it.
The High Heat 460cc driver was designed by Dean Knuth, who was a Senior Director at the United States Golf Association for over 16 years. He created High Heat with amateur men and women golfers in mind, because they need a driver that is designed for them rather than the Tour pros who have different performance needs. He did so with his Optimal CG Game Changer and Fire Zone Face Technologies. High Heat was recognized as the “BEST NEW DRIVER” at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show.

Noted sportswriter Gary Van Sickle of Sports Illustrated and Golf.Com called High Heat “the most significant technological innKnuthDriver-Mirrorovation in golf equipment from this year’s PGA Merchandise Show,” adding that High Heat is “a game changer,” and “an advantage for amateur golfers.”

High Heat was named the best driver at the PGA Show by three different media outlets, and was selected by media and golf industry attendees as the No. 1 driver at the 2015 ING Spring Conference after a demo day that included major brands. Also, High Heat outperformed all the major brands in independent testing by Golf Laboratories – longer, more forgiving and straighter.
Tee shots hit below the center of the face can be 20 or more yards shorter than those hit above the center of the face. High Heat has a 25% deeper and 18% lower center of gravity (CG) than any of the major brands, producing more total distance and forgiveness, and a large area below the center of the face where amateurs will not lose any distance because that area is above its much lower CG.

Since the PGA Show launch, the reviews have been consistently and overwhelmingly positive:

High Heat’s great for higher handicap golfers who struggle to hit the sweet spot, but it’s also great for single-digit players who like to work the ball. Try it yourself. You’ll be amazed. You won’t be disappointed.”
–Stan Awtrey, Editor, Golf Georgia

You are going to have to wrestle it from my hands.  High Heat made me feel like a pro. I just walked up and hit 8 tee shots and every one of them went right down the middle.”
Mike Stinton of The Golf Channel and Golfing Magazine

WOW, WOW, WOW. Longest club I’ve hit in a long time. Sweet-spot feel is orgasmic. The last time I was this excited was being at the first test flight of the B2.”
Peter Manley, Arizona

 “High Heat “the hottest driver coming out of this year’s PGA Show. It took the Show by storm.
–Tony Leodora, host of the Golf Talk Live radio show.

“I absolutely love it.  The sweet spot is massive.  It’s almost impossible to miss hit.  I hit it so good on the range I took it to Golfsmith to test against my R11.  It wasn’t even close. In 6 swings total: R11- 256, 260, 252 spin rate average of 2800-2900. High Heat: 286, 292, 281 spin rate average of 1800-2000. Just amazing.”
–Jeremy Ross, Virginia

“The (High Heat) driver could be the answer to your first-tee prayers.”
–Golf Writer Tony Dear

We definitely recommend High Heat because it is the hottest driver on the market. Longer and straighter than major brands. These benefits are based on brilliant science. Remarkable. Unlike any other driver.”
Tee It up National Radio Network.

“Love the look and feel.  It performed as advertised. I hit 25 balls with the High Heat driver. 22 balls were straight, high and long. The near 90% success rate was well in excess of the 40 to 50% success I have experienced with my other driver. Plus I gained 10 plus yards on the High Heat drives versus my other drives. Very impressed. And I love the sound.
–Paul Taylor, Canada

This is such a great driver! Oh my gosh, I have added at least 40 yards longer.”
–Camille, 10 handicap with average driving distance of 200 yards. San Diego, CA

High Heat’s lower CG is very important,” said Knuth. “Amateurs regularly hit in the area above High Heat’s CG which is below the major brands’ average CG location. Tests have proven that drives are longer when hit above a driver’s CG compared to hitting below the CG.”

Knuth Golf’s Fire Zone Face Technology includes a unique face with a combination of seven different zones of variable thickness, including patented “parabolic” lobes at the top of the toe and heel of the face. This increases spring-like effect across the entire sweet spot zone while still conforming to USGA Rules and increasing the accuracy of High Heat.

High Heat was tested against the major brands by Golf Laboratories, which is the world’s leading independent, robotic testing facility, and used by Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, and several major brands. Golf Laboratories test results show that High Heat was longer, straighter, and had more forgiveness than the major brands. Golfers who have tried High Heat’s prototypes have raved about its performance on center and off-center hits, and its look, feel and distinctive sound of power.

To visit the High Heat page on TGD, click HERE. For more information, or to order a High Heat driver, visit www.knuthgolf.com.