Golf Mesquite LogoShan Coughlin, host of Amateur Golf Talk LIVE! welcomes Cody Law from Golf Mesquite Nevada to talk about the golf experience the Mesquite Nevada area offers.  Mesquite, while close to Las Vegas, is very different and offers a desert style golf-focused experience.  With seven golf courses right in Mesquite within a 10 minute drive from each other, and four casino resorts with several notable restaurants, you won’t get caught up in any hustle and/or bustle.  The hospitality offered is centered around you as golfers ensuring you are having fun, stay well fed and are playing great golf courses.  Check out their website for even more information httpss:// .

Cody talks with Shan about her trip to the area this past October, the absolute best time to go.  She mentioned that as an East-Coaster, she hadn’t heard of Mesquite before meeting Cody and was blown away by the town, it’s residents and the events held there including the Remax Long Drive Championship, The Paralong Drive Championships (the reason she was there), and the Mesquite Amateur Championship which is the second largest one next to the World AM in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.  After staying at one of the Resorts and playing several of the courses, Shan is convinced that Mesquite should be a on the golf destination list for all avid golfers.  While certainly not as boisterous as its neighboring city of Las Vegas, Vegas is a short drive if you want to get it a bit of that as well.  Let’s not forget about the fabulous weather.  While much of the country is covered in snow or it’s too cold to golf, the weather is perfect in Mesquite.

Wolf Creek Golf Club

Wolf Creek Golf Club

Mesquite is very accessible by car especially from Colorado and Utah as well as other parts of the county and world by flying into St. George Utah or into Las Vegas.  With the great debate of how much direct flights play into the decision on where to take your golf vacation, Mesquite offers many that option and 90% of the rest with a one stop connection for easy travel.   They even make arrangements for you to ship your clubs right from their website httpss:// which can be safer than trusting the airline with them.

Mesquite Nevada

Golf Mesquite Nevada

Listen to Cody and Shan’s full interview on Amateur Golf Talk LIVE on Golf Mesquite Nevada – A Great Golf Experience by clicking the player above and definitely put Mesquite on the must play list.   If you’ve never played desert golf, it will be a treat.  If you are very familiar with desert golf, you will definitely recognize the distinctive differences here with the mountain views, spectacular elevation changes and course layouts.  This will be a truly unique experience.