Amateur Golf Talk Live host, Shan Coughlin is joined live via skype today with Golf Holiday Italy ( founder Bjorn Jinkberger. Bjorn launched to help promote golf across his country in April 2014. In Europe, about half of golf tourists travel to Spain, but Italy’s golf offerings are gaining attention. Being the 5th largest tourist destination in the world, Italy certainly has the base for growing golf tourism.

Golf Holiday Italy

Italy has approximately 70,000 golfers and around 300 golf courses, so getting a tee time at your favorite course is normally pretty easy. But much of any Italian golf vacation will surround what ones does after the round. Renowned globally for great wine, food, scenery, and lifestyle, a golf break anywhere in Italy would be full of entertainment. Visiting the cities,  attractions, vineyards, and experiencing the local cuisine is an easy drive from most anywhere in Italy.

Unlike golf in America, golf tourist heading to most any country in Europe (Italy included) will need to do a bit of preparation. Golfers are required to have a “green” card after receiving a minimum amount of golf instruction to learn the basics of golf etiquette and rules. This “pre-golf” preparation is normally done for gaining membership to a course. But, Bjorn says at most any course, an American or Canadian golfer showing the membership card from their home course will get on without issue.

Some courses in Italy are private, but many allow public play. Most types of courses that Americans are used to seeing can be found in Italy. Many of the courses are parkland-style courses, while in Tuscany there are woodland courses , there are coastal “seaside” courses, and in the mountains you will find lots of elevation changes.

International Golf Tourism

Recognizing the emerging digital economy and the need to make Italian golf information more readily available, Bjorn spoke to some of the courses about his concept for and received favorable feedback. The site is growing, but already filled with impressive Italian golf break offers from some of Italy’s most beautiful golf properties.  The site is primarily focussed reaching individual golfers rather than tour operators. Having a digital background, Bjorn realizes that more and more golfers are becoming self-sufficient when it comes to booking tee times and lodging online. We found Bjorn on Twitter and requested this interview. He’s an entrepreneur after our own heart. is a great example of the future of golf marketing and international golf tourism. For more information about golf breaks in Italy go to httpss:// To download the podcast of today’s show click HERE