From the 19th Hole The Pearl Golf Club

Head golf professional Mike Benson welcomes host Shan Coughlin from the 19th hole The Pearl Golf Club in Calabash, NC and shares his tips on playing in cooler temperatures on this edition of Tee It UP Grand Strand.  

With chillier January temperatures lingering in the 50s, Coughlin and Benson chat inside the clubhouse, rather than out on the course. Despite the cooler weather, Benson still welcomes some members who had arrived to play. Coughlin points out that while it is cold for the Grand Strand, it is nowhere near as cold as it is up north.  Although local golfers are experiencing more frigid air, their game doesn’t necessarily need to suffer. Benson shared with Coughlin some tips for scoring better in cooler temperatures.  

pearl west_375_250_90_s_c1Benson said it’s normal in cooler weather for the ball not to travel as far. He recommends a ball with a lower compression, like a Titleist DT Solo or a Nike PD Soft. The other thing, Benson said, is to make sure hands are warm. Golfers can get gloves and hand warmers and only remove them when it’s their turn to hit their shot. A hat is also important, in Benson’s opinion, in order to help hold in heat.  Coughlin said she tends to swing harder when she is layered up, as well. Benson said stick with thinner, thermal layers, rather than down jackets. Of course, range of motion will be cut down in colder weather, and golfers should fight the urge to over swing.  

While golfers can still enjoy playing at The Pearl this winter golf season, Benson is looking forward to what 2016 has in store.  He told Coughlin they are still encouraging golfers to take advantage of the membership opportunities at The Pearl. He said golfers can look forward to member events throughout the year and some fun Pro-Ams going on with the Platinum card.  “We’re looking for a great 2016 season,” Benson said. “Like you said, the weather is a little chillier, but the sun is shining. As long as the sun is shining, you can play some golf.”  

pearl west 1234Coughlin pointed out that the Platinum card is a great option for those who live here year-round, or those golfers who are in this area a lot, because they essentially have membership at 30 courses in the area with that deal, which includes great rates and free rounds of golf.  She also said that The Pearl is a great place to play because golfers get two courses out of one clubhouse.  The East and West courses are in close proximity, but offer two totally different playing experiences. Benson said the West course is a more link-style course with an open feel to it and plays a little bit longer than the East. Additionally, on the West course, golfers are more exposed to the elements. The East course is more covered with trees, and is a more of a parkland layout. Coughlin encourages golfers to come out and try both courses.

For more information about playing at The Pearl, specials and to see some great photos, visit or call (910) 579-8132. Benson said the staff at The Pearl love to chit-chat, so don’t hesitate to call!