Crow Creek Golf Club February 2016 Update

Welcome to the Crow Creek Golf Club February 2016 Update on this edition of Tee It UP Grand Strand.  Head Golf Professional Jimmy Biggs welcomes host Shan Coughlin out on a beautiful sunny February day to talk about the course, what Jimmy found at the PGA Merchandise Show last month and what golfers can look forward to this spring at Crow Creek Golf Club.

Crow Creek Golf Club February 2016 UpdateThese two get right to talking about the weather as the sun is bright.  Also, Puxatony Phil did not see his shadow, so spring will be here sooner rather than later to everyone’s delight, at least every golfer.  Jimmy is wearing his new shades, the Extreme Optics and shouts out a thank you to Mr. Mike Binder for providing/promoting those.  This leads Shan to ask what else Jimmy found last month at the PGA Merchandise Show and what golfers can look forward to seeing in the Crow Creek Golf shop.

His orders from the show are rolling in, according to Jimmy, so the shop will be full of new goods soon.  He said the apparel companies were showing more lifestyle pieces this year.  These included gym and workout wear, the tee shirt and tennis shoes versus the golf shoes.  Shan asked if he ordered the high tops and Jimmy said no.  While certainly the most fashion forward shop on the beach, if anyone would have them first it would be Crow Creek.  Jimmy said he did talk to the Puma representative who said they initially weren’t going to sell them at the show, but then Ricky won in Dubai.  This prompted them to offer a limited amount, but Jimmy did not pick them up.  Even in his shop, he says it is a bit much for his golfers who still prefer the saddle shoe and are just getting into the tennis shoe look as they tend to be a bit more conservative.

Tee times at Crow Creek are filling up and prime times in April are all but gone, but Jimmy said they will be offering something new this year.  To encourage golfers to spread out the times a bit, he has added value periods before 8:00 am and after 1:00 pm where the rate goes down 20%.  This should be attractive to early birds and those who like to sleep in a bit as everyone will be busting to get out and play on the very large bent grass greens.

Crow Creek Golf Club February 2016 UpdateBent grass greens love this cooler weather and they tend to be a little firmer moving into spring golf season.  Jimmy says the staff will get them rolling to 11.5, which only happens a couple times a year, but when they roll and double cut them, they are lightning fast.

Also coming up after the spring golf season, there will be some upgrades to the practice facilities.  Shan and Jimmy both agree that golfers including themselves do not practice enough.  Hopefully this will be one way to encourage  a practice session, if only to check out whats new.

You can find more information on Crow Creek Golf Club’s new website, including specials on golf, great deals in the restaurant which has one of the best breakfasts in town, and the events calendar.

Crow Creek Golf Club is located in Calabash North Carolina just north of the South Carolina border and 20 minutes from area beaches.  Make your tee times today with your travel provider or direct with the golf shop and enjoy all that this facility has to offer.