Coronado Golf Clubs Logo for ProjectGary Lopez, founder of Coronado Golf Club Company, joins host Shan Coughlin for this edition of the TGD Product Showcase.  Started six years ago, Coranado Golf Club Company provides custom fit golf clubs for golfers of all abilities and skill levels looking to improve their scores and level of enjoyment on the course.  Gary tells Shan that in his 20 years in the golf business, he noticed the need for golfers to have the ability to fit themselves for clubs.  His answer, an easy to use, step-by-step instruction guide on his website that allows a golfer to design clubs specifically for them.

The demand for custom clubs is growing.  Golfers are wanting to be more competitive and truly enjoy the game more.  The Play It Forward initiative and several others springboarded by the PGA and Professional Golfers are all aimed at that same goal.  Let’s face it.  If a golfer puts a perfect swings on the ball, but has the wrong shaft in his/her club, has the wrong lie angle on the club, has the wrong club length, has the wrong ball and is playing from the wrong tee, they are destined to shoot a poor score.  But, when the clubs are fit to the golfer and they put that perfect swing on it, they get that “oh yeah” feeling that those bitten with the golf bug understand all too well.  And that is what golf is all about.

The big box stores are selling sets of name brand golf clubs made for the “average” golfer.  That person is about 5’10” with an average swing speed.  Also, Gary shares with us, that after buying these sets and testing them, the clubs may not have the same shaft flexes in them.  They may not be “spined”.  He tells of a set his son bought where every club in the set had a different shaft flex so no wonder there are those folks out there who say they hit their 8 iron the best of any club in their bag.  Most likely, that is the one set up the best for them and the others are all different.

At, you can go through the step-by-step instructions, select the correct fit of your club, order them and then sit back and wait for delivery.  Once ordered, the components are picked and assembly is started that day.   They have a variety of offerings for every skill level and budget.  The most important aspect of the club is the length and the lie angle (how flush it sits to the ground once you address the ball).   Every golfer’s height and swing speed is different from everyone else’s so it is important that you have what your body and game needs.  Use their tools, build your clubs and shave strokes off your game by playing YOUR game.

Last but not least, Gary tells Shan about their best promotion yet – the Free Wedge Give-a-way.  It is on the site and just use the promo code “club”.  There is a handling fee of around $10.95 plus shipping.  They use this promotion for  visibility and exposure for their products as they do no mass marketing other than Internet and golf tournament promotions.  When asked what the most popular product on the site is, Gary told Shan it was the driver the Alegra because it has one of the biggest heads out there and is one of the lightest so you don’t need that real fast swing speed to generate the power.  He added that their putter is very popular as well.

Visit today and get your free wedge while you are checking out all the great products they offer.  You can bet the pros aren’t buying off the shelf so why should you.  We are all made differently, we all swing the club differently so we need different clubs.  Enjoy your golf game more with customized clubs.