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During the year, we deliver an endless flow of  golf video content for and Myrtle Beach Golf Channel. Both are properties of iNetGolf, LLC. Video production is provided by our sister company, Zeus Digital Marketing. We’re really just one big family that loves golf…. and video production. We owe a huge thanks to Bid D (Dustin Gilder) and his assistant producer, Eli for another year of amazing videography. Many thanks to our in-studio and run & gun crews for delivering daily & weekly golf news and updates.  Below are a few examples of the hundreds of videos we created in 2017. Visit our Facebook page to see more.

Punching The Greens With Paul Kaufman

Often the subject of conversations that begin with ..."Why the (blank) do they do this when the greens are so perfect"...aeration or "punching" is explained by one of the Grand Strands best, Paul Kaufman.  

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In Studio Live Broadcasts

From our studios in North Myrtle Beach we produce daily and weekly programming covering all aspects of golf. From local (Myrtle Beach) news and information to what's happening on the professional and amateur tours you can get your golf fix delivered right...

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100 Hole Challenge Supporting Folds of Honor

The 100 Hole Challenge put on by the Myrtle Beach Golf Patriots to benefit Folds of Honor is absolutely on of the premier events along the Grand Strand. Jimmy Biggs ended this on in style. You'll have to watch the video to see what we're talking about....

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Improve Your Game With Beer

Arriving rather late in the 2017 year, Jimmy Biggs and Brian Stefan seam to have found the cure for slices, fat shots, thin shots, topped balls, and more. This hilarious "Improve You Golf Game With Beer" theme scored with most viewers. Biggs may have...

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