The Best Driver In Golf

What’s the best driver in golf? Tough question with an even tougher answer. Most advertisements we see on television are geared toward selling us what the pros are using. There’s a tiny fraction of a percentage of us who hit the ball like the pros. Even those who fall into the ranks of the best amateurs can’t hit the drivers the pros hit. The truth is… our egos and millions of dollars worth of advertising have us tying to use equipment that will never work for most of us. Sure, on one hot day in July we may have hit a drive in the center of the club face that landed on a hard fairway and ran an extra 50 yards. From that day on, we hit our drives 280, 300, or 310 yards…whatever the luck of that day brought us. The truth is, 1 out of 25 perfect drives doesn’t provide enough data for us to determine the equipment we should be using. 1 out of 15 does not, and not even 1 out of 5 perfect drives is sufficient to claim that perfect drive as our norm. If you’re not hitting 10 out of 12 perfect and extremely long drives you do not need to be hitting the drivers the pros use.

best-driver-in-golfWill You Make Your Driver Decision Based on Ego, Advertising, or Fact?

It’s really hard for any company to compete against the ad budgets of the top name equipment providers out there. The truth is…it’s even harder to compete against our egos. We prove that fact every time we step up to a tee box that is further back than our handicap should dictate. So, when we see someone who has taken their years of experience step up to the plate and go up against all odds with a really great product, we stand up and cheer. That’s what this article is about. Its about a guy named Dean Knuth, a bona fide genius, who created the exact driver that nearly 100% (99.99999999999999999999999%) should be hitting. You may of heard the name, or better yet his nickname, Pope of Slope. Among many things, Dean is the mathematical whiz who is the former Senior Director of United States Golf Association handicap department. Dean Knuth is the developer of the USGA’s Course Rating and Slope Rating System. You can read more about that HERE. Do you think Dean knows a bit about the average golfer? You bet he does, and as an inventor, he has poured all his talents and skills over the past few years developing the best driver in golf for the masses. It is called High Heat.

Dean Knuth Is Making An Impact

How does one of the most credible people in the golf industry compete against wave after wave of million dollar ad campaigns? He begins by telling the absolute truth about all the things that create a better golf shot for the average golfer. Guess what…after spending millions to tell the public to hit higher lofted clubs with a higher centers of gravity. because that’s what the pros do, some (purposefully unmentioned) high end equipment providers paid attention to the Pope when he said, “That doesn’t work for the average golfer!” It is interesting to see how Dean Knuth has already affected the market by telling anyone who would listen that a lower and further back center of gravity is what is needed to help the average golfer get the ball up into the air, and consequently hit longer drives. Dean also created a bulge and roll face on the High Heat to correct the ball flight of mishit (off-center) balls. Dean took all his experience, knowledge, and skill to create the best driver in golf for the average golfer…and it works!

They Paid Us Big Bucks to Write This – Not!

We’re not being paid to promote High Heat. Not that we would turn down the opportunity to take Dean Knuth and High Heat on as an advertising client. We would! We love promoting products that we believe in. The truth is, I personally tried to finagle a High Heat for myself to write this review. “Nope!” said the Pope. “We don’t don’t do that.” So, I’m placing my order for my High Heat as soon as I finish this article. Because I’ve hit it. I’ve seen what it does for my drive, and I’ve felt the confidence standing over a ball I know I can hit longer and straighter. By the way…I’m one of those guys who hits 300 yard drives. It happened about 15 years ago up in Tennessee (1200 or 1600 feet above sea level) when I absolutely nailed my drive on a par 5 at Graysburg Hills Golf Course. This baby got about 50 (maybe 75) feet off the ground, and when it hit that rock-hard (red-clay-based) fairway it bounced several times and rolled out forever! That drive was 325 yards! I remember it like it was yesterday! When I moved to Myrtle Beach (sea level) and began playing these softer fairways in heavier air, I was lucky to hit one 275…in the fairway. And, that one had to take an unusual bounce with some even more unusual roll out. Nailing a sprinkler head on the fly really helps. The truth is…I, like most of you reading this, do not consistently hit long and straight drives. But you can! I’ve seen it! I’ve done it with Dean Knuth’s High Heat.

Read The Reviews

You do not have to take my word for this. There are plenty of reviews out there by others who have had this experience. You can find a couple of them HERE. You could also ask our radio host, Brian Stefan about the High Heat. Brian is host of The Golfmonger show here on TGD Radio, and the host of a new show called The Daily Golf Report. Brian and I attended the ING Spring Conference at Mission Inn Resort this past June in Howey In The Hills, Florida. Brian and I played a scramble on the first day there, and attended the demo range the second day. I introduced Brian to High Heat there on the demo range and had him hit a few balls with the Pope of Slope taking some serious data regarding ball flight, spin rate MOI, and all that other stuff I know nothing about. I had experienced Brian’s banana drives on the course, and watched (and filmed) him hitting longer and straighter balls than he has ever hit in his life…with the high Heat.

Best Driver In Golf?

So, what’s the best driver in golf? My vote goes for High Heat. I’ve hit a ton of new driver products. Being producer here at TGD Radio and TV, I’ve had the benefit of being given several demos from high end golf equipment manufactures to try out. I have never hit any driver as well as I hit the High Heat. I’m a solid 19 handicapper when I play the ball as it lies (as should you) from the proper tees. Yes, I used to be a 12 back when I played more golf, but even then I struggled with my driver…except for that hot summer day back in Tennessee in 2000 when I hit the best drive of my life. I actually hit one longer than that one once, but it hit the cart path 4 times…can’t count that one…too much luck involved. If you want to learn more about why we think High Heat is the best driver in golf, check out their page HERE. Then go to their site at at make your purchase. You can tell them you heard about here in my blog. Maybe Dean will give me a little discount, but I doubt it. If you (or I) want the best driver in golf, we have to pay for it. But guess what it is priced really well!

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