Arcadian Shores March 2016 Update

Arcadian Shores March 2016 Update Frank Coughlin, General Manager of Arcadian Shores Golf Club in the heart of Myrtle Beach South Carolina talks with Host Shan Coughlin on this edition of Tee It UP Grand Strand and the Arcadian Shores March 2016 Update.  It is almost spring and with that comes the spring golf season as April is the busiest golf month for the Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach area, but as Shan mentions at the beginning of this interview, the season appears to be starting early.

Frank has two big announcements this month.  The first is that Arcadian Shores is getting a brand new clubhouse.  As one of the oldest courses in the area, the original clubhouse has remained in place until now.  As the new facility is built, golfers and staff will use a temporary building and use the current one for storage.  Once the new building is completed, the original clubhouse will be torn down and plans are being made for the footprint, though Arcadian Shores Golf ClubFrank was not able to elaborate just yet.

The new building will be a low country styled facility, roughly the same size as the current clubhouse, with an 18 foot wrap around deck.  This deck will offer places for golfers and visitors to sit and enjoy the sunshine while watching golfers come up to the 18th green.  While the original building was state of the art for its time, Frank describes it as a bit “quirky” and is looking forward to the upgrade.

The second announcement Frank makes is that there is now an Arcadian Shores annual players card.  This card, valid through December 31, 2016, is available now.  For a $50 fee, golfers get the card which entitles them to the following benefits:

  • Discounted rates for themselves and one guests, $36 in season and $30 out of season
  • A 72 hour booking window
  • Handicap subscription to GHIN
  • 20% off merchandise
  • 20% off food and beverages (non alcoholic)
  • Discounts at Cane Patch and Midway Par 3 location in Myrtle Beach
  • Discounts at the six Burroughs and Chapin Family Mini-Golf Locations


The Arcadian Shores annuArcadian Shores Golf Club #14al player card is a fantastic value for locals, vacation home owners and those who play a lot of golf when they vacation here.  For more information on this card and for the best rates on single day tee times, visit the website at

Frank and Shan go on to talk about the course and the rave reviews the greens are getting.  Frank even had one long time Myrtle Beach golfer tell him they were the best he had ever seen them.  “Superintendent Eric Cavelli has done a great job,” Frank says.  He adds that the course has purchased some new equipment that Eric and his staff have used to really make a big difference.

For one of the oldest courses in town, there is a lot of new coming; new clubhouse, new players card, new equipment.  All of this just begs the question, is there anything else coming?  Frank hints that more changes were discussed for the course itself in a recent meeting, however those beans he was not quite ready to spill.  Keep checking back for the updates as Shan will continue to give you progress reports on the building and ask about new renovation rumors for the course.

Hit ’em straight and we hope to see you in the fairways.