World Tour February 2016 Update

Tom Plankers, General Manager of Founders Group International and World Tour Golf Links, joins host Shan Coughlin for this edition of Tee It UP Grand Strand and the World Tour February 2016 Update.  Sitting on the back patio of this gorgeous clubhouse, Tom and Shan talk about the course, the visitors and the customer service provided which makes this experience one golfers won’t soon forget.

World Tour February 2016 UpdateRight off the bat, Shan mentions all of the International Golfers that are out at the course.  Tom says that this is because they do have the replicated courses from all over the world which attracts that international golfer.  This is also a big travel time for them.  On each hole, there is a placards with the history of the hole, where it is located, who has played it and what happened when they did.  Even though they are from different places, it is still amazing at how seamlessly they all fit together.

Tom mentions to Shan that over the last 18 months the new ownership, in about two years now,  has put about half million dollars into improvements to the facility.  The majority of this has gone into the course.  Players who played last year and will be returning this year will notice the change of grass on the greens, the completely renovated bunkers from type of sand to drainage, to smaller projects in the clubhouse.  Shan points out, though small and most likely not notices by themselves, when completed, everyone will notice an overall up lift inside which enhanced the overall experience.

That experience starts at the time you get your passport to play the world at the guard gate.  They you drive up Magnolia Lane to the massive clubhouse circle drive where the flags of the countries and states where each hole is from is flying.  Then upon entering the clubhouse, you are welcomed by memorabilia cabinets with items from each course and you haven’t even teed off yet.  They you play the course which Tom says continues to improve year over year, hard to believe based on the conditions int he past being at such a high level.  The service doesn’t stop either.  On the last few holes, the ambassadors are there to tend the pins, help you putt if you wish, then clean your clubs and put them in your car.  Definitely the extra touch.

World Tour February 2016 UpdateAs a side note, Shan learns that Tom is going to St. Andrews for the first time.  She reminds him that he has a lot of practice playing two of the holes, something he had actually forgotten, but the conditions are sure to be different as we do not have the wind and rain he is sure to experience there.  Hopefully he will bring back a picture of himself standing on the bridge so it can be compared to one of him standing on World Tour #18’s bridge, the exact replica.

For more information and to check for available tee times, Tom tells Shan the best is to visit their website at  You can also pick up the phone and call them direct or just request to play World Tour on your next buddy trip or golf vacation to the Myrtle Beach area.