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Jeff Pinaelli, head golf professional, joins host Shan Coughlin on this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand ( TIUGS ) for Rivers Edge Golf Club‘s February update.  February’s weather, while there have been some cold spots, is proving to be mild in the Myrtle Beach area as we look forward to spring golf and warmer weather.  Of course our cold is in the 50s so to most of our northern visitors, that is “warm”.

Jeff starts the interview with a shout out to our own “Godfather”, George Honeycutt for a good showing at the last shootout at Rivers Edge.  His team came in overall 4th shooting a smooth 62.  The shootouts are great events at Rivers Edge where teams of 4 compete in a Captain’s Choice for pride, prizes, food and fun.  And in the one in January, one of the door prize was a 55″ flat screen TV.  The next shootout is on February 28th so if you want more information on these or playing at Rivers Edge, check out their website by clicking the banner to the right.

rivers edge 4Jeff also invites all to stop by to see the renovations they’ve done in the golf shop and their restaurant, The Double Eagle Grill.  They have taken out a wall, increased the space, and  ordered a lot of spring merchandise soon available.  In the restaurant you will find more of a sports bar feel with better TVs and seating areas.  Lastly they have changed flavors.  The soda has been swapped out for Pepsi.

This summer Rivers Edge will be participating in some of the PGA initiatives to bring more golfers out including juniors.  They will be the site for a Junior Golf League team and will host League events in conjunction with several other clubs in the Brunswick County area.  The Junior Golf League brings a sports feel to junior golf including team competitions with uniforms, substitution, team scoring and more.  This is now one of the fastest growing junior golf initiatives in the countries.

To hear Jeff and Shan’s entire interview, click the player above.  You can also download it to your smart device for listen on demand.  Thank you for your interaction with TheGolfDirector.com today and with this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand ( TIUGS ) with Rivers Edge Golf Club’s February update.  Rivers Edge also participates in the Platinum Golf Membership program.  Membership gives you exclusive rates, access to member events, restaurant discounts and much more.  Check out their website for additional information at www.platinumgolfmembership.com.