We’re Back!

Greetings fellow golfers. We’re extremely excited to announce the reboot…or maybe rebirth of the TGD Network. We’ve been here all along….just quieter than normal. Like much of the world, our brief pause has allowed us to come back bigger, better, stronger, and with more resources than ever before. We’re beyond excited to share!

Strong Roots Support Survival

We’re proud of our roots and our accomplishments as a digital communications disruptor and leader for the golf industry. Back in 2008, when TGD originated, the challenges were focused around converting prospective clients from traditional forms of advertising and marketing to digital. TGD was born as a golf-themed social network that entertained followers with online golf talk radio and video podcasts.  Then came the “Great Recession”. This had a huge effect on traditional advertising and helped open the door for digital marketing. By 2012 TGD was making end roads, introducing clients to to a new way of engaging the golf audience. They (the clients) were getting measurable results and saving money while TGD delivered their message to hyper-focused web and social media audiences. The combination of blogs, online radio,  and (audio & video) podcasts driving traffic to websites and online booking engines was a winning formula.

Pivoting From The Pandemic

Perhaps the hardest hit segment of the economy during the COVID Pandemic was marketing. Many companies who depended on marketing clients and advertisers had their livelihoods stopped abruptly in the Spring of 2020. Those strong enough to survive, spent the downtime imagining a new and brighter future. TGD’s parent company, Zeus Digital Marketing, did just that with the development of a new-age streaming platform called wingding™.  Zeus Digital had a vision that would take content distribution beyond all boundaries. They did it. It’s here…and we’re excited to grow along side the wingding™ platform.

What wingding™ Brings To TGD Newswire

This is extremely simple. If wingding™ enables us to deliver our golf industry message without boundaries, why wouldn’t we choose that direction? Answer: We would…and we did! Here’s why: wingding™ publishes content to 13 streaming platforms that include: Facebook; YouTube; iTunes; Spotify; iHeart Radio; Google Podcast; Tune-In; Chromecast; ROKU; Amazon Fire TV;  Apple TV, and a WebApp that allows access via all major browsers.  These platforms serve over 5.5 billion active monthly users and are accessible from nearly 15 billion devices. Let’s put that horsepower behind our years of experience serving the golf industry and go make a difference in the way golf information is delivered and consumed.

Deliver You Message Via TGD Newswire

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