Rivers Edge Golf Club April 2016 Update

Christene Pippin with Tee it up Grand Strand stopped by to talk with Jeff Pianelli for the Rivers Edge Golf Club April 2016 Update on conditions at this gorgeous course along the banks of the Shallotte River in North Carolina.

The “Scoring Tee” program is in full swing.  Jeff says they are officially rated and sloped per the USGA and the player response has been very good.  The goal of the Scoring Tees is to bring people back to golf that may have given up the game or to make the course more attractive to the golfer that finds the course a bit too long for them.  The Scoring Tees will eventually have their own tee box that won’t get in the way of play but will make for a less intimidating and encouraging round of golf for players of all levels.

The first spring has sprung with the Sunday Ultra Dwarf Bermuda grass on the greens at Rivers Edge, attracting players that may not have played the course in the recent past.  Local groups that may have left over the years are coming back and happily finding improved conditions at Rivers Edge.  One of the regulars Bruce says, “The greens are true.  They are hard; they don’t even hold a ball mark very much!  The biggest thing I noticed verses the old greens was the first day we opened here after what, 9-days I think we were closed…the greens were better than the last day of the old greens.”  Happy golfers are sinking putts with predictability at Rivers Edge these days!

Jeff comments that although package play is important to the course, the year round golfer is a big part of the Rivers Edge family and the course is just as excited to have local groups from Murrells Inlet to North Myrtle Beach and all the way to Wilmington, come and experience the fun and challenges of the course.  Once they arrive and tee off, the drive to Shallotte is a distant memory and well worth the time.

Booking a round at Rivers Edge is easier than ever with their online booking.  httpss://playriversedgegolf.com/.  The Rivers Edge website is very price sensitive and truly gives the golfer the best deal.  Locals get a bit of a discount over the published price and the rates will fluctuate as we proceed through the season.  Rivers Edge also has a “Play-Back Card” they are featuring through the summer with a discounted play back rate for the repeat golfer.

During wrap up, we lose track of Jeff for just a moment, only to find that he has changed clothes to continue the celebration of Villanova’s championship win in the recent NCAA tournament.  Jeff is passionate about the Villanova nation and remains in a celebratory mood through this busy spring season in golf.  Come on out to Rivers Edge and celebrate play on a fantastic course with great conditions…and don’t be too shy to pat this golf pro on the back for a job well done (not just on the course, but to keep him celebrating that Villanova win!)