Vegas Golf The Game

Golf’s Ultimate On The Course Gambling Game!

We all know that golf is a little more fun when you make a wager or two, but do you get tired of the same wager?  How about something different, something fun, and something to really joke about with your fellow players.  This is the game.

Vegas Golf is made up of poker chips with different pictures and golf situations on them.  Some are positive (you win), while others are negative (you pay).  There three different On The Course games from the original eight chip game, to the ten chip and then the High Roller fourteen chip game.  You can also add custom chips to keep the game fun and within the scope of your group.  The object is to end up with as many positive chips and as few negative chips as possible.


You can either blind draw the chips out of the bag or one person starts with the bag and is the designated one to hand them out.  Everyone agrees on what each chip is worth.  For the positive chips, if during the round, if you hit a shot that corresponds to a chip, say you make birdie, then BEFORE walking off the green, you ask for the birdie chip.  If it is a positive chip it is your responsibility to ask for it.  Now, on the next hole, if your playing partner makes a birdie, he/she asks you for it BEFORE leaving the green.  If they do not, you get to keep it in your pocket.  If it is still in your pocket at the end of the round, you get whatever the value of that chip was determined to be at the start of the round from every player in the game.

For the negative chips, if you hit a shot that corresponds to what is on the chip, say you hit it into the bunker, the person with the chip has to give it to you before you leave the green.  Throwing it in your direction as you run off the green counts so pick up your chip and move along.  If the chip is in your pocket at the end of the round then you owe every player in the gave whatever the value of that chip was determined to be.

The more chips, the more opportunities and the more fun.

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