World Tour Golf in Myrtle BeachTom Plankers joins host of Tee It Up Grand Strand, Shan Coughlin, for this edition of Play World Tour Golf Links May 2015 update for another information session about one of the most famous courses in the country.  But before that, Shan asks Tom about a rumor she’s heard around the beach about World Tour Golf Links.  When World Tour opened, it was a 27 hole facility.  Later they decided to close 8 holes, keeping that 9th making a 19th hole to be used as a warm up hole, one that can be used to finalize a bet and for when there is  maintenance on a hole on the course, etc.  The rumor Shan heard is that they are going to open the 8 holes again.  Tom said that they are talking about it.  Whoo Hoo!  This is great news that it is being considered as these were some of the prettiest holes at the beach.

world tour bridgeWorld Tour is a “tour” of some of the best holes around the world replicated exactly in elevation, green undulation, length, and size.  Some of the most interesting include amen corner from Augusta National and a few from St. Andrews.  Tom has spent the last year or so telling us about the courses these holes come from including some facts you may not be able to find other places so make sure to check out the library of World Tour updates to hear about those.  Today Tom talks about the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass designed by Pete Dye.  That is a story in itself.  He designed the course so that no two holes go the same direction and with the wind there, it creates a test of shot making.  Not built for any particular golf player’s style, golfers have to be able to hook the ball, fade the ball, and be very creative around the course to score well.

world tour 1The course was a dream of the former PGA commissioner Dean Beaman who wanted a unique course specifically for the Players Championship.   The land cost the PGA Tour $1 from Jerome and Paul Fletcher who bought into the dream of Mr. Beaman.  It truly is the first golf course constructed and designed with equal consideration for the golfers and the spectators.  The most famous of the holes is of course the island green #17 which was not originally planned to be an island green.  When they began digging however, they found very valuable sand which they used around the course and it was Pete Dye’s wife, Alice, who suggested making it an island green.  Thank you Alice Dye.

To hear the entire interview with Shan and Tom, click the player above and down load it to your smart device for listen on demand.  For more information about World Tour Golf Links, click on their banner link to the right or go direct to their website at .  Thank you for your interaction with and for your interest in World Tour Golf Links.  Check back next month to see which hole and golf course Tom will talk about next time.  See you on the fairways.