On this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand, host Shan Coughlin joins Jason Monahan, General Manager at Farmstead Golf Links, on the course to discuss what golfers can expect this fall golf season.  Fall has proven to be a good time for Farmstead Golf Links, with outstanding conditions, beautiful weather and some unique course features golfers will enjoy.

farmstead2One thing that is unique about Farmstead Golf Links is that it is the only par 6 course on the Grand Strand, and only one of seven in the entire United States. Furthermore, this course is the only one in the U.S. and/or the world that spans two states.  That’s right. Golfers will tee out in South Carolina and putt out in North Carolina.  Along the back nine of the course, golfers will cross the state line four times. Additionally, on two of the holes, golfers will have the chance to hit the ball from one state to the next.

Another great feature at Farmstead Golf Links is the beautiful colonial-style clubhouse, which is a great focal point for the facility.  On the drive in to Farmstead Golf Links, the clubhouse pops up and is one of the first things visitors will see – and it is a sight to be seen. Monahan said that because the course sits on what used to be farmland, the clubhouse is modeled in a Georgian style, and covers a great 7,000 sq feet.  “We want to keep [guests] at the course and improve their experience and affect their opinion,” Monahan said. “We like to do that. It is a great peaceful place to hang out, especially when you’re done, and even when you’re playing because we are one of the few courses that does not have any home sites. So, when you’re out there, you’re truly in the peace and serenity of it all.”

On the process of caring for the course at Farmstead, Monahan said, “We do overseed the fairways and the tees. We have not overseeded the greens for the past few years. This year, we will be doing a light application on the greens, simply just to keep them healthy and protect them going into the winter with the diverse climate that we have had the past few years. We want to make sure that conditions are optimal for the players.”

FarmsteadCoughlin agreed the course is in excellent condition and recommends that golfers give it a try. “Put it on your planner,” she said. “And let me just ask you,” she directed to Monahan, “If I’ve never been out here, why come out to Farmstead? What’s the 30-second reason?”  Monahan laughed. “I don’t need 30 seconds. Best greens you’re going to step foot on, hands down. Simple as that,” he said.  He continued to explain that the staff at Farmstead likes to keep the greens rolling at a nice, smooth 10.  “That’s our goal throughout the year, so we adjust the heights of our mowers to accomplish that speed. It’s a great speed for the advanced golfer, and still not too fast for the amateur. But the putting surfaces, we get a lot of reviews on. They are some of the best around and they are consistently awesome year round,” Monahan said.  

Another exciting feature at Farmstead Golf Links is the facility’s participation in the Junior Golf Exchange. This organization was started by Mrs. South Carolina and LPGA professional Meredith Kirk, and allows kids up to the age of 14 to exchange a set of golf clubs once a year to properly fit their height and gender completely free of cost.  Year-to-date, Farmstead Golf Links has put about 10 brand new sets of clubs in juniors’ hands. The facility also accepts used sets to refurbish before giving them to someone who needs them. Monahan said this is an excellent way to get kids involved in the sport, and he and the course staff couldn’t be happier.

For more information about Farmstead Golf Links, as well sister course Meadowlands Golf Club – only a mile away – and all of the incredible package specials and rates available to golfers this fall golf season, visit www.FarmsteadGolfLinks.com or www.TheGolfDirector.com.

Farmstead Golf Links is located at 541 McLamb Road in Calabash, NC.