Planning for a Myrtle Beach Golf Getaway

Knowing where to stay and where to play in the Seaside Golf Capital of the World can be a challenge, especially if one is to plan for a large group. The simple logistics of getting to and from the course on time requires a good working knowledge of area and how traffic affects drive time…to say the least. Getting tee times for groups often requires some advance planning.

Peak Seasons

The peak golf season along the Grand Strand are spring and fall. Tee times for each of those seasons begin to fill in far in advance. The larger the group, the further in advance one should plan. It’s common to plan for spring play in the fall (or sooner) and fall play in the spring. Many savvy golfers are booking their next vacation immediately following their current vacation.

North, Central, and South Strand

The Myrtle Beach area can be divided into three regions – North. Central, and South Strand. It’s a good idea to plan to say and play within the same region. Sure, it’s possible to play the central region from both the south and the north, but playing the south from the north and visa versa can be tough. Those early morning tee times might be a tough commute, depending upon the traffic and route.

Arrive Early

One of the most frequent complaints we hear relates to golfers showing up at the course at the last minute….or even late. It is extremely hard for a golf course to accommodate late arrivals.  Golfers should plan to be at the course at least 30 minutes before their tee times and get checked in. This is where those stay and play logistics mentioned above really come into play. Well, the nightlife does at times become a contributing factor.

After Golf

Another great reason to use a golf packager to assist in your planning relates to the after-golf activities. Some players just want to hang out at the house or condo and play cards or watch television. That’s okay with us, but, many who come to our area want to experience the nightlife, fishing, dining, and entertainment that is abundant along the Grand Strand. All these things should be considered when deciding where to stay and play. Long drives back to the room after a night on the town may not be the best experience.

Golf Packagers

Booking tee times online and getting rooms is getting easier with each passing year.  But with so many choices offered in the Myrtle Beach area, using a golf packagers is a great idea. The larger the group…the better the idea! Most packagers will recommend the best possible use of your time with us.



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