Fall golf season is here, and as has been the case over the past few years, golfers seem to be waiting until the last minute to book their Myrtle Beach Fall Golf Packages. While this may have been a workable approach while the economy was in recession, waiting until the last minute now will surely mean missing the best tee times and and the best deals due to changing circumstances.

Some of the more desirable on-site accommodations properties have sold out during the past couple of seasons leaving golfers who waited with disappointment. While there is no overall shortage of accommodations in the area during golf seasons, some of the more popular golf properties do fill up early. Those properties are actively looking for additional space for their package golfers, but last minute bookings make that process almost impossible to manage. For those who prefer on-site accommodation, just know choices are limited.

Another recent development that will certainly affect golfers who book late is the yield management programs many courses have adopted. These programs affect tee times rates by the hour (and less) to allow courses to maximise profits on the more popular tee times. As tee sheets fill up, rates are expected to rise, and those who wait will definitely pay more than those who book early. We can expect to see more courses adopting this practice over time. Advances in booking technology have proven to be extremely beneficial to course managers, helping them to get the most out of their inventory.

Over the past few years several courses in the area have closed, increasing play on those that remain. While the area’s golf market is not yet nearing saturation, the most popular tee times on the most popular courses are affected first. The last minute deals offered by some golf booking companies, and the course’s willingness to fill empty slots have effectively trained golfers to wait. Economic uncertainty has affected vacation planning, period. Many have had to wait up until the last minute to solidify the availability of discretionary dollars. The good news….things are getting better, and we will have to overcome the tendency to wait, if we’re going to get the most favorable accommodations and tee times.

If by now you’re wondering what you can do to get the best deals for Myrtle Beach Fall golf packages, the best advice is, DON’T WAIT! The tee times and accommodations you’re planning to book tomorrow or next week…could be taken today by someone who made the decision to book early. Fall is peak golf season in Myrtle Beach, and there is certainly enough demand to limit flexibility! If you need help planning your golf package, whether you need lodging, tee times, or both, we can help. Fill out THIS FORM for a quick quote.

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