Host Shan Coughlin and Ethan Leyshan join in the TGD Studio to deliver the latest Myrtle Beach Fall Golf news from Eagle Nest Golf Club in Little River, SC. Located just 10 minutes from the heart of Myrtle Beach, Eagle Nest is one of the oldest courses along the Grand Strand. Built by the late Senator Dick Elliott, this course meanders through the low country terrain and offers some very unique scenery. Having their own on-site greenhouse, Eagle Nest is known for it’s immaculate landscaping and continually  blooming flowers. In addition to their cultivated scenery, there are Carolina bays filled with standing cypress trees that you do not get to see on courses developed after regulatory restrictions were adopted that prevented development in areas with established wetlands.

Eagle nest has been busy lately making improvements to the course. They have been diligently working on their greens as the result of some issues brought on by the wetter than usual summer. Ethan reports the greens are now spectacular and ready for fall golf season. In addition to prepping their greens, the course has added 9 new senior tee boxes. As the result feedback from some of their senior players, the addition of the new tees will shorten some holes and lengthen others to give the seniors the best possible golf experience. Providing the best possible experience has long been the number one priority for Eagle Nest. Careful consideration is given to each tee box on each hole to ensure everyone has an equally fun golf challenge.

Tee sheets are filling up, and Ethan advises to call as far ahead as possible to get your desired tee time. We’ve been hearing this same message from many of our golf course partners. During slower times, golfers found the best deals when making last minute tee times. This is not the case now, especially as we are heading into fall golf season. Golfers will have to get back into the habit of better planning if they want a specific tee time. To better accommodate golfers with a variety of tee times, Eagle Nest does not double tee every day, allowing golfers to get those mid-morning tee times on certain days. If this is your preferred play time, call the course to learn which days each week are scheduled for single and double teeing.

Eagle Nest is part of the East Coast Golf Management cooperative and therefore participates in the Platinum Membership Card program and the very popular PGA 5 package. Golfers are raving about the PGA 5 that includes a $125 gift card and some of the best courses along the Grand Strand.

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