Bridging the gap between traditional and digital thinking for the golf industry!

iNetGolfiNetGolf Marketing

INetGolf, LLC is a golf marketing company and the parent of The Golf Director. Formed in 2014 to bring together a group of digital strategist, digital media experts, web developers, and imagination specialists, the iNetGolf focus is to bridge the gap between traditional and digital thinking. iNetGolf offers robust digital solutions and graduated implementation strategies to align technology, budgets, and business objectives necessary to engage a new generation of consumer.

iNetGolf Technology

Technology has changed the way we shop, socialize, and engage. Formerly proven traditional marketing is no longer enough to connect golfers with courses and other golf industry companies. Smart device usage and it’s projected growth (alone) will obsolete non-responsive and poorly designed websites. Responsive technology brings with it the priorities of conversation centered design (CCD) and the need for strategies that thoroughly consider the the end-user’s search habits and intent along with conversion goals. Golf courses and other golf industry companies will need to take control of their brands and aggressively market themselves to the web-savvy golfers of tomorrow. Adopting, and adapting to new technologies is a priority that can’t be ignored.

iNetGolf Imagination

iNetgolf dares to imagine, create, and lead their partners into a new realm of thinking and golf marketing. Not unlike many other industries the golf industry became stagnant while traditional methods were still working. The Great Recession had many effects on the world, the most pronounced has been the time, necessary, realization, and urgency to rethink marketing strategies.

iNetGolf Focus

iNetGolf and it’s ability to focus on the golf industry’s needs make it a unique company with all the tools necessary to effect change in the industry. To grow the game, we need to better understand and adapt to they way consumers now connect to the game. To learn more about iNetGolf visit their website HERE.