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Golf Talk TV- Live and On Demand

We stream much of  our TGD Golf Talk TV live and record for on demand viewing. Visitors have the option! They can watch live if their schedule permits, or on-demand when it is convenient. Our hosts provide a written synopsis of all shows that is also included in each program post.

Course Reviews and Tips

TGD TV produces course reviews and golf tips both in-studio and on location. All content is cataloged for on demand viewing here on as well as being deployed and shared to other platforms such as twitter, youtube, facebook, iTunes, UStream, and Roku. Tee It Up Grand Strand is an on-location video series that produces monthly course updates and reviews from our partner golf courses. Golfers have the ability to keep up with the latest information about the courses they plan to play.

Tech and Rules

Our most popular content comes from two shows called Tech Talk and The Rules of Golf. On Tech Talk the hosts introduce updates from club manufactures, club fitting principles, and new products. The Rules of Golf title is self-explanatory. The broadcast team breaks down each rule with examples, decisions, and exceptions.


We have a unique ability to stream radio and TV simultaneously. With this platform we’re able to simultaneously broadcast Golf Talk Radio and Golf Talk TV. TGD’s  Streaming Media platform delivers news, reviews and course updates 24/7/365.  All TGD programming airs live, replays daily, and is archived for listen and viewing on-demand. Simulcast production provides additional options for listeners and viewers.

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