This edition of Tee It UP Grand Strand comes to you from Loris South Carolina where host Shan Coughlin joins Head Golf Professional Tim Fisher behind the 18th green for the Diamondback Golf Club February 2016 Update.  Tim has been at Diamondback Golf Club for four years and shares the changes he has seen over the last 6 months since the new ownership took over and brought in a new management company, East Coast Golf Management.

On this hole, a short dog leg left, Tim gives a quick tip on how to play it.  He says a driver isnt’ needed off the tee, but a longer iron or hybrid will put golfers in a great position to hit over the creek and onto the green with a short iron or wedge.  Although short, this hole is a good example of the great layout this course offers.  It is finally golf season as Tim states and Diamondback Golf Club is bustling with golfers anxious to swing again after the snowy winter up north.

Located in Loris South Carolina, Diamondback Golf Club is about 18 miles northwest from Myrtle Beach proper.  The course caters to local players in the Loris/Conway area, but also is a great place to play on your way in or out of the beach.  While it is right off Highway 9, one of the main roads into the beach area, it is in a remote section which allows for a totally different feel and experience.  The clubhouse resembles more of a hunting lodge than golf shop with it’s animals, stuffed of course, and large fireplace just as you walk in.  Along with that is the hospitality and familiarity that goes with a lodge as well so for those looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of the beach, looking for a friendly, affordable place to play, Diamondback Golf Club is that place.


Tim tells Shan that while he has been at Diamondback for four years, he has actually been in the golf business for over ten years.  When she asks him what he feels makes this course unique and special, he says being a little secluded.  On the course, players will see deer and other wildlife and everything just feels a little more relaxing and fun out here.  He mentions how the collaboration between new owner, Chris Manning, who took over last August, and the new management company he brought in, East Coast Golf Management has really been a benefit to the facility, its members and daily players.  Just as an example, the course was overseeded this year for the first time in over five years, something Tim says has helped conditioning of the course and the experience of the golfers.


For more information about Diamondback Golf Club and to book a tee time at the best rates, visit the website at  Experience this wonderful layout in the middle of nature, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Tim and General Manager, Patrick Wilkenson, will be glad to chat and soon after, call you friend.

As part of the Platinum Golf Membership program, their own membership program and the PGA (Play Golf Again) Package available from any Myrtle Beach Golf Package Provider, there are many ways to play Diamondback at an affordable rate.  Talk to them to see which one would be right for you and again, get all of that information from their website.  Hit ’em straight and see you on the fairways!