About The golf DirctorThe Golf Director (TGD)

The Golf Director (TGD) is an interactive multimedia digital communications platform that delivers golfers 24/7 golf news and information. TGD is property of iNetGolf, LLC. The TGD experience includes tour news, course reviews, tournaments, tee times, accommodations,  golf vacation packaging, and more for a variety of golf destinations.

TheGolfDirector.com features include:

TGD Golf Talk Digital Radio

TGDoffers professionally produced Golf Talk Radio 24 /7 to our global listeners in over 160 countries and territories. After live airing, all shows are placed into our podcast library (at http://radio.thegolfdirector.com) for listen on-demand and / or download to smart phones, tablets, or desktop devices. New programming is also placed into a 24/7 replay loop immediately following live airing.

TGD Golf  Digital TV

Navigate to http://tv.thegolfdirector.com to find all our recent episodes. Viewers can search for and view on demand all recent episodes right from the player screen. The live airing schedule is posted just below the player screen.

We bring a sample of everything that is happening at The Golf Director to our Homepage page at http://thegolfdirector.com.

TGD Golf Vacations

TGD Golf Vacations offer the ultimate in customer service and golfing fun at competitive prices. Our trained and experienced golf directors create custom golf packages for each client. Golfers no longer have to settle for pre-packaged vacations. Each TGD vacation is a unique experience.

Golf Marketing and Technology Solutions

iNetGolf and TGD offer golf marketing and technology solutions for a variety of golf partners. Services offered include video production, photography, content creation, website development, search marketing, branding, and PR.

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