iNetGolf was honored with the privilege to cover the World Amateur Golfers Championship (WAGC) Team USA Nationals in August 2017 at Champions Gate in Orlando, FL. Five national champions were crowned – one from each flight / division along with one National Order of Merit winner. These six champions received an all-expenses paid trip to the WAGC World Finals in Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia to represent the United States among 34 other countries vying for the title of World Champion. We followed Team USA to the World Finals.

The magic of WAGC is found in the fact that amateurs, men and women alike, at any level can compete against players of the same ability and experience to become National Champion in their division, then travel to exotic destinations around the world to compete against players from other countries in the same manor. Words fall short to describe the Olympic-like platform and the experience of the WAGC World Finals.

The comradery among competitors within the WAGC is truly special. This global competition fosters lifetime friendships among players from countries and lifestyles otherwise unfamiliar. From being greeted at the host country airport to the welcome reception and flag ceremony, to the on-course competition, to the awards ceremony, the world comes together for the enjoyment of a game among amateur players. It is absolutely the most special feeling this writer has ever experienced.

Team USA struggled in the early rounds but rallied back to finish fifth in the world…only 17 shots out of first place and 9 shots from a third place podium finish. There were two fourth place, a seventh, and fourteenth place individual honors, but each Team USA competitor will quickly tell you that golf seems secondary to the overall experience.

In the true spirit of America, it should be noted that Team USA included players from (or originally from) South Africa, Canada, Guatemala, Germany, and Sweden….along with the United States of America.

WAGC has chosen Myrtle Beach for the site of one of their five majors for 2018. Competitors will be playing Arcadian Shores and Crow Creek. Details are forthcoming. Check back here for schedule details or visit the WAGC website. WAGC has a regional tournament schedule near you. Check them out at or on social media @wagcus.