Online tee booking is nothing new, but represents an area of substantial growth that can’t be ignored.  According to the National Golf Foundation, of the nearly 15 million core golfers (playing 8 or more times a year), nearly 6 million of them booked a tee time on a third party site. The core “golfer demographic” being of middle age and higher education is probably the driving factor behind their increased use of electronic devices and online engagement. When one considers the increasing use of technology and the internet by the older (over 50) generation, it’s easy to see the potential. Golf course owners have to be aware of the necessity to make their tee inventories available to the masses. Easily and speedily booking tee times will increasingly become a matter of highest priority for tomorrow’s busy lifestyles.

When it comes to marketing tee times and the associated technology, the GolfSwitch Network is the largest in the world. Their revolutionary communications platform, the GolfSwitch Booking Engine, supports real time internet reservations and is compatible with over 95% of online golf courses in North America and Europe. GolfSwitch powers electronic tee time reservations in ten languages for thousands of golf courses, travel agents, hotels & resorts, tour operators, visitor’s bureaus, including major portals like,,,, Japan Airlines ( and

Pursuing the primary goal of making golf and golf course information more accessible for amateur golfers, will be using the GolfSwitch Booking Engine for online tee reservations, as well as jointly offering technology and marketing solutions to participating golf courses. The system is expected to be up and running on by the end of August, 2013.

Being located in the Seaside Golf Capital of the World (Myrtle Beach), The is excited to be working with GolfSwtich to bring this technology and additional marketing opportunities to area courses. Courses along the Grand Strand will be presented information about the GolfSwitch connection and an opportunity to have their tee time inventory accessed by the system over the next few weeks.

We’ll release more information about this exciting development in the coming weeks.

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