Long before  TheGolfdirector.com became an online multi-media platform, the concept emerged as a way to gather golf course information to provide third party accommodations interests the ability to book golf in Myrtle Beach, SC. As early as 2003, the founders were surveying hotels and resorts along the beach to learn more about their ability (or inability) to offer their guests reliable golf course information and golf booking services. The interest was certainly there, but the necessary platform required extensive development and the idea was shelved indefinitely.

In early 2012, after developing and successfully operating other online multi-media platforms, Zeus Digital Marketing founders and creators of The Golf Director concept decided to re-introduce the idea. While the necessary tools were now in place to develop the project, the immediate challenge was convincing golf course owners and operators of its viability and potential benefits.  The concept required minimal financial participation by the courses. The recent global economic woes and golf course saturation in the U.S. had severely affected  the golf courses financially…and the emerging digital era along with its place in the market had not been firmly accepted in the Myrtle Beach golf industry.  While initial interest from the golf course side wasn’t exactly strong, there was interest and development of the project commenced.

In early January 2013 the first phase of TheGolfDirector.com project was launched. The task at hand was (and still is) to create a comprehensive golf course information data base. TGD Radio, an online golf talk radio platform was included in the initial phase and the first Myrtle Beach golf related programs were aired with veteran golf broadcast journalist, George Honeycutt as host.  Programming consisted of  area golf course reviews with hole-by-hole and shot-by-shot breakdown. The massive task of creating Myrtle Beach golf content began there and has has been expanded over the first year to include PGA tour and other locale, regional, and national golf news information and entertainment form TGD Radio, TGD TV,and blogging platforms.

As TheGolfdirector.com with its measurable reporting has proven its results and consequent benefit to participating golf courses, growth has been steady and ahead of expectations in some areas, but behind in others.  While golf course participation is still lagging behind projections, interaction by users is well ahead of projections. The (over) 6000 pages of Radio, TV, and text content have created over 1 million unique interactions globally from 160 countries, all 50 United States, and over 20,000 cities.  The response from users has firmly proven their interested in the content being provided. Conservative estimates for growth in unique participation and interaction have creators extremely excited about  the future of the platform.

2014 plans include another phase of web development and rolling out  more interactive features for users and additional offerings for golf course participants. The coming year will also take TheGolfDirector.com to new destinations  outside the  Myrtle Beach area. Be sure to visit our (now) extensive TGD Radio podcast library at httpss://radio.thegolfdirector.com and stay tuned for some exciting developments for TGD TV at httpss://tv.thegolfdirector.com. Participating golf course information can be found under the associated “Destination” tabs in our site navigation bar. Many thank to everyone who has helped TheGolfDirector.com become an effective multi-media interactive platform serving the golf industry.