Eight months after launch, TheGolfDirector.com (TGD) has taken golf talk radio to new heights.  Reaching over 150 countries and thousands of cities, the radio portion of this new all-digital communications network is well ahead of expectations. TGD Radio is produced and broadcast by the Zeus Radio Network that has been in the internet talk radio and music space since 2008.

“Over the past (nearly) six years we’ve produced and broadcast several thousand radio talk shows,” said Jeff Gilder, executive producer for Zeus Radio. “We’ve done everything you can imagine from racing to the paranormal. Having worked with dozens of hosts and tried so many different topics for internet radio  programming, we’ve had some winners and losers. Consequently we’ve learned a thing or two about the type of programming necessary to gain and maintain an audience. When we launched TGD Radio, we threw every bit of our extensive experience into the mix. It worked!

TGD creators knew from the beginning that talk radio was going to be part of the mix, but like all start-up projects, needed the right personalities to fill the  show slots for the planned platform. The first radio personality to join the group was George Honeycutt who had recently moved to Myrtle Beach from Atlanta, Georgia where he had been active as a golf broadcast journalist. After a couple of early pilots,  Honeycutt aired his first show , “Tee it Up Grand Strand”, in January 2013. TGD Radio planned its platform around the amateur golfer and the subjects that interests amateurs.

Current programming includes:

“Monday Morning GolfRap” with George Honeycut and Hugh Royer III covering the weekend’s golf results,

“TheGolfDirector.com Round Table” with George Honeycutt, Hugh Royer III and guests where no subject is off limits,

“Amateur Golf Talk Live” with Shan Coughlin covering the amateur golf scene,

“The Rules of Golf” with everybody’s favorite rules official “No-Drop” Frank Monk explaining the complicated rules we seem to never follow correctly,

“Tee It Up Grand Strand” with George Honeycutt and various PGA Professionals breaking down Myrtle Beach area courses hole-by-hole and sho-by-shot,

“Coverage of the Majors and More” with George Honeycutt and Hugh Royer III covering the top golf stories,

“Hooked on Hickories With Mitch Laurance” connecting the game of golf then and now.

When Mitch Laurance joined the broadcast team, “Hooked on Hickories with Mitch Laurance” became the show to fill the void for historical content. The show has grown to be much more than a golf history format as Mitch has creatively connected the game then and now with such guests as Ben Wright, Peter Jacobsen, Todd Lewis, Dana Fry, Linda Hartough, Bradley Klein, and many more.

TGD Radio airs all programming live then places the shows into a 24 / 7 replay loop. In addition to live airing and replays, all episodes are available for listen on-demand from the TGD Radio library.

To listen to TGD Radio’s 24 / 7 golf talk radio programming, just click the “listen” banner on any page. Visit httpss://radio.thegolfdirector.com to browse the extensive show library. Be sure to visit the TGD Community and create your profile.