Chairman, Lionel Freedman paid a visit to Hooked on Hickories with Mitch Laurance recently to discuss the 2013 World Hickory Open and the Carnoustie Country Golf Festival. This will be the ninth year of the now, international golf tournament that will draw over 100 golfers from around the world to play original, or replicas of original equipment at Montrose Golf Links – Medal Course (1562) and Monifieth-Ashludie Course in Scotland.

Mr. Freedman talks about the history of the tournament, its growth, venues, and its champions. He  talks about his own journey in golf beginning with  roots in England, his move to Scotland, and his connection to preserving the history and traditions of the Old Course at Musselburgh, including the creation of a treasured tribute to the 5 Open Champions of Musselburgh that now adorn the clubhouse.

Realizing the historical depth of the game…centuries old, and how we still celebrate and relate to it in this modern age, is part of the  magic that host, Mitch Laurance so eloquently brings to the Hooked on Hickories show week after week. Mitch’s knowledge of the game and passion for its history is evident in every carefully and professionally crafted interview.

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