Finally, an all-inclusive app for the Grand Strand golf industry, the Myrtle Beach Golf App is here. Himmelsbach Communications has been involved in promoting Myrtle Beach golf for over three decades. As publishers of “On The Green” and “On The Beach” magazines as well as producers of the  “On The Green” TV show the Himmelsbachs have built an unmatched golf following along the way. Now, blazing their way into the digital era, they have released the first of it’s kind, the Myrtle Beach Golf App.  From this new platform, users can book tee times,  find accommodations, restaurants,  and nightlife, as well as keep up with the latest golf news and information on TGD Radio.

The digital era is certainly upon us. It is the new frontier for competition  in any business, and especially the golf industry. While online tee time reservations represent a small percentage of overall booking, it is growing rapidly. Whether or not the booking takes place online or by phone, being found online is becoming more important than ever for golf providers and those associated with the industry. Consumers are clearly making the internet their first stop for information. Each month internet usage increases, but perhaps having the most impact on online activity is the usage of smart devices. Reportedly, some 58% of American adults now own a smart phone and 42% own a tablet. 63% of smart phone owners use their phones to go online. Perhaps the most surprising number (to me) is that currently 34% of cell internet users go online mostly using their phones, and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer. That number is expected to climb quickly as the percentage of smart phone users continues to rise, coupled with the rising cost of home internet. 

While many associated with the golf industry find understanding digital marketing and its utilization a little fuzzy, early adopters will certainly have an advantage when the fog clears. It has never been more important for businesses to stand out among competitors. To do so means being found when and where consumers look for information. This new Myrtle Beach App from Himmelsbach Communications is a great place to be found. The Golf Director is on board, as TGD Radio was one of the first additions to the new platform.

To say the Myrtle Beach Golf App release is timely would be a gross understatement.  Giving golfers access to this platform filled with Grand Strand golf and tourism information is sure to put Himmelsbach Communication in familiar territory, at the forefront of the local golf industry, delivering Myrtle Beach golf information.  For more information or to download the Myrtle Beach Golf app go to httpss:// To read a related article CLICK HERE. To come play golf along the Grand Strand check out the Myrtle Beach golf packages information page here.