The makers of Golfalyzer, a golf gift personal breathalyzer, have just announced they will debut a new product, BAC-Home at the 2013 World Amateur Handicap Championship 19th Hole. BAC-Home is another personal breathalyzer. BAC stands for blood alcohol content and and the term BAC-Home is intended to imply the importance of getting home safely after alcohol consumption.

Taking a lesson from their Golfalyzer demonstrations, co-founders Brent Pauley and Chuck Stump have learned that most who consume alcohol are surprised at their BAC. They’ve also recognized the importance of personal breathalyzers and will introduce BAC-Home for the non-golfers who they might otherwise miss in promotions aimed at golfers.

The .08 BAC legal limit is under scrutiny. Many believe it should be lowered to .05… all the more reason for social drinkers to become and stay aware of their sobriety. The most important reason for knowing your number is related to knowing when you’re too impaired to drive. Putting lives in danger by driving when your sobriety has been compromised is easily prevented by owning and using a personal breathalyzer. At the very least, you can know your number without the aid of a low enforcement officer.

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