Gopher Bike is the personal golf bike for the golfer that wants to add a little extra fun to the game.    Gopher Bike is easy and fun to drive.  The super wide tubeless tires are about the size of a standard golf cart tire, making it very easy to stay balanced and drive.  Plug the Gopher into a standard wall outlet and it’s ready for 36+ holes on one charge.  Once golfers ride a Gopher Bike once, riding in a regular golf cart will seem very, very boring.

Imaging playing a round of golf and everyone in the 4some has their own Gopher to ride.  Now imaging not having to ride back and forth across the fairways to get to your riding partners ball like is required when using a standard golf cart.  The pace of play is much fast for a group riding Gophers that a group with traditional carts.  In fact the average round is played 30-40 minutes faster!  What golfer wouldn’t want to cut down the time it takes to play a round of golf?  Plus the fun and freedom of riding the Gopher down the fairway is almost as much fun as playing golf (sometimes more fun).

The electric hub motor is powered by a Lithium Ion, 60V 12Ah battery which is housed on the underside of the bike safely sealed in a plastic cover that protects it from weather and other hazards.  The steel frame has a 51 inch wheel base with a 27.5 inch hit seat, front and rear Hydraulic DYISLAND brakes which makes for the easy to balance and comfortable ride.  The Gopher weighs 121 pounds and can travel at speeds up to 20 mph.  The low center of gravity provides tremendous balance and makes the Gopher very easy to ride even for a first time rider.

Gopher Bikes are not just for the golf courses to own.  Golfers can own their very own Gopher!  They come in Black, Black & Red, White & Black and White & Red.   To purchase a Gopher visit their website at or call 800.516.4232 and a customer service representative will be happy to assist.

Individual golfers and courses alike are amazed at the convenience and speed the Gopher adds to the game. Get on a Gopher and “Get to the green faster”!