If you haven’t visited TGD TV lately, you’ve missed some great on-demand content. Don’t worry, though, it’s still there. Several of our TGD “Radio” episodes are now available in video form, and we’re creating more and more video content in the form of interviews and tournament coverage each week.

TGD TV Green Screen Studio

TGD TV Green Screen Studio

TGD TV has been part of the plans here at TheGolfDirector.com from day one.  We launched TGD Radio first, and have been gradually adding new video content each week. We have much more video based content in the making including a “made-for-the-web” (and cable TV) golf TV show hosted by Mitch Laurance. We’ll begin shooting the pilot for this show later this summer, and hope to unveil the results of our ideas by late summer or early fall.

When we moved into our new digs in North Myrtle Beach, SC back in November, we began creating the studio environment for TGD TV. We’ve completed a floor-to-ceiling green screen for some virtual stuff coming down the pike, and will be adding more features over the next few months. Finding the right location with plenty of space to grow and adequate ceiling height was as necessity. Some of the real estate folks looked at me a little funny when I said we had to be able to swing a golf club inside.

Now that we have video capability in two in-house studios, we’re able to offer a variety of content without the hassle of setting up and tearing down equipment every time we need to shoot a video.  Our radio broadcast studio not only allows us to stream live our audio content, we have the ability to record for on-demand (and live stream) our video content at the same time. Running a digital studio is actually pretty efficient. Simultaneously recording and live streaming audio and video allows us to display our content in multiple areas on the site…live and on-demand, without needing an army of personnel (and time) to accomplish the task.

To catch up on the latest TGD TV on-demand content go to httpss://tv.thegolfdirector.com or click, the TTGD TV Button below the header, or click  the TGD TV tab in the main navigation on every page of the website. If you need video production, or would like to utilize our studio facilities for your own video needs, reach out to us via the contact form HERE.