Meet Our Radio and TV Broadcast Team

meet the broadcast teamGeorge (don’t touch my hair)Honeycutt (AKA “The Godfather”) -Veteran Golf Broadcast Journalist and accomplished amateur golfer with amazing hair …wind tunnel tested and proven to withstand 70 mph gusts without moving. Host of GolfRap and TGD Today, The Godfather doesn’t hold back. If you ever have the chance to play golf with him and there’s money involved, just know he has at least 4 GHIN cards. Bet accordingly.



shan characterShan Coughlin-Accomplished amateur golfer,  Myrtle Beach socialite, soccer mom, and our Director of  Sales. Did I mention she can hit a golf ball a country mile? This is the young lady you want on your scramble team, but whatever you do….do not EVER…interrupt her while she is speaking.




Will TEach for FoodPGA Professional Hugh Royer III – One of the best golf instructors on the planet. His tour experience lends to some great conversations for TGD Radio. Still can’t read greens as well as his wife! As co-host of GolfRap and TGD Today, he give The Godfather all he can stand. We’re grateful for that.






Talk Show Host Brian Stefan (aka The GolfMonger) – Opinionated, outspoken, and fairly sophisticated to be from West Virginia…not much else to say! Well, he hosts The GolfMonger show every Thursday…hmmm…that’s all I can think of.





Martyn Woodhouse – 30+ years as a PGA Professional and rules official. Don’t even think about rolling your ball in the fairway when he’s around! This dude knows the rules.




Jeff Diehl caricature Jeff Diehl – PGA Professional at the Dye Course at Barefoot Golf and Resort in Myrtle Beach.  Calls himself the “golf guru” for some reason. We’re not sure why…yet. We’ll keep you posted.





Man with headphones

Jeff Gilder-Executive Producer-kinda geeky, great looking guy, sucks at golf, but likes the outdoors, comradery…and beer. Favorite golf saying, “I’ve lived in trailers longer than that drive!”




producerProducer Big D – Hey, we just do whatever he says! Wouldn’t you?