The 15th hole at the International Club of Myrtle Beach is a tough challenge.  On this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand we take a look at how to play this 406 yard par 4.  The yardage is from the white tee which is what most amateurs play and that is where we are going to talk about playing from.  It is the No.1 handicap hole on the golf course and it is well deserved.  Not only is it long, but it is narrow with water coming into play on both sides of the fairway.  Par will be  a great score on this hole.

As we stand on the tee box on No.15 we see trees all down the left side and trees along the right until they give way to the water that goes further up the fairway.  Golfers must be careful not to put the tee ball into the water.  The difficult thing about that is that the right hand side of the fairway gives players the best angle into the green.  The aggressive play needs to be accurate as well.

From the fairway it does not get much easier.  Players are looking at a green that runs away from them right to left with bunkers protecting the front left portion of the green.  Left of the green there is water.  Again the smart play to hit to the right side of the green.  As long as golfers can avoid the bunkers on the approach they have a good chance of getting that hard to earn par 4.  The place to miss on the approach is right of the putting surface.  There is plenty of run off there and depending on pin placement there should be reasonable chance to get up and down for par.

On the putting surface players can feel confident looking at a putt as the green is flatter than others.  Golfers need to take their time and be sure to do no worst than 2 putt.

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