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This edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand takes us to Wilmington, North Carolina for a visit to our friend Kirk Baker at Masonboro Country Club.  Kirk is the owner and director of instruction at Carolina Coastal Golf Instruction.  Today we are going to learn how to hit a high draw.

First, Kirk talks to us about how to hit a draw shot.  A draw will give extra distance off the tee due to the top spin on the ball that will give more roll once the ball hits the ground.  It is a very useful shot if it can be learned and the tragetory controlled.  Once that is done it is a shot that all golfers will love using off the tee.

There are 2 drills that Kirk recommends and teaches to help amateur golfers learn how to hit a draw.  Learning to hit a draw does that a lot of practice since most amateur golfers naturally hit a fade or slice on their shots.  The drills are fairly simple and easy to work on.

Hitting a smash bag training aid is a good place to start.  As you you practice the swing the bag needs to move to the right of the stick.  The idea of the draw swing is to swing the head of the club OUT toward the ball.  Most golfers pull there hands and arms from the outside IN to hit the ball.  That swing causes a fade or slice.  So practicing swinging out to the ball will promote a draw swing.

The second drill takes a sleeve of golf balls.  No not to hit but to use as a guide.  Place the sleeve of balls about 6 to 8 inches directly in front of the teed up ball.  The object is to not hit the sleeve of balls on the follow through.  This promotes a swing that catches the ball on the upswing of the driver.  This promotes the high shot that we are looking for.

With a golf swing that goes out towards the ball and catches the ball on the upswing will lead to a nice high draw that will gain more carry in the air and more roll on the ground.  What golfer does not want that off the tee?  We thought so.

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