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For this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand we head down to Murrells Inlet to the International Club of Myrtle Beach.  We catch up with General Manager and Head Golf Professional, Doug Donner in the bunker.  He is giving tips on how to hit solid sand shots.

The number 1 problem people have is understanding what has to happen to get the ball successfully out of the bunker.  There are 2 keys that Doug teaches all his students.  They are simple and easy to follow. As any shot in golf set up is key.

The first key is ball position.  Make sure that the ball is positioned more toward the front of the stance.  This helps keep the hands behind the ball.  It also keeps head of the wedge open and easy to use the bounce on the club to get the ball out of the sand.  Also be sure to hit the sand behind the golf ball.  Doug’s tip to keep the hands behind the ball is to make an imaginary line from the zipper on your pants to right behind the golf ball.

The second key is hand position.  Obviously if key 1 is done correctly it makes it very easy to get key 2 in order.  Hand position is very important to controlling the club head through the swing.  Keeping hands in line with the zipper keeps the club head in the right place to hit behind the ball.

Once the 2 key positions are set it is time to swing the club.  The idea is to let the sand do the work.  It is the only shot in golf where we try not to hit the golf ball.  Make a normal swing.  The clubhead enters the sand behind the ball and following through the sand throws the ball forward, out of the bunker and hopefully onto the green.  The follow through is important.  Be sure to complete the swing or be prepared to hit another shot from the same bunker.

For information on private instruction or to make a tee time visit or call the pro shop at 843.651.9995.  Doug and his pro shop staff will be happy to help you.

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