We travel to Wilmington, North Carolina and Masonboro Country Club for this edition of Tee It Up Grand Strand.  The southern Cape Fear peninsula is the location of this semi-private golf course.  Built by Bob Moore of JMP Golf Design Group, Masonboro CC is a must play in Wilmington.

Today we talk with Jon Fackler, PGA Head Professional.  He fills us in on the many types of instruction offered by himself and the staff at Masonboro CC.  They offer a variety of beginner and intermediate clinics.  There are clinics for ladies, couples and junior golfers as well.

Junio clinics are a main focus this summer at Masonboro Country Club.  The clinics run in the morning now that the kids are out of school.  The 5 day clinics are a great way to introduce young kids to the game of golf.

Masonboro CC also offers beginner and intermediate clinics just for the ladies this summer.  The ladies clinics will be weekly on Thursdays and will last into the fall season.  The course also offers couples clinics.  This is an opportunity to get the ladies involved that don’t want to get lessons by themselves.

Jon is very excited to introduce Kirk Baker as the newest member of the staff.  Kirk comes to Masonboro CC from Orlando and the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club.  He has been there for the last 8 years.  Originally from North Carolina, he is happy to move back home.

Kirk is now the owner/director of instruction for the Carolina Coastal Golf Instruction located at Masonboro Country Club.  He has a golf tip for us.

He recommends grabbing a couple of clubs out of the bag before swinging ANY club to get the back and arm muscles stretched out.  This helps get the muscles relaxed and ready to go.  It is also good to use a weighted swing club to loosen up with as well.

Also, Kirk says to start the warmup with short clubs.  Start with sand wedge or pitching wedge before working up to hitting driver and fairway woods.  Going right to the driver is a common mistake made by amateur golfers before starting the round.

For more information on Kirk Baker’s golf school visit www. CarolinaCoastalGolfInstruction.com.  Information is also available on the golf course website www.masonborocountryclub.com.

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