Over the past few weeks, TGD Radio hosts George Honeycutt and Hugh Royer III have had some great interviews on “Tech Talk” bringing on representatives from Nike Golf, Titleist, and Full Swing Golf.
With the in-depth interviews conducted, golfers are given a plethora of information about about the covered products. George and Hugh did their homework and guided us to some very valuable information.
Here are the links to the associated interviews and audio files
Nike Golf httpss://radio.thegolfdirector.com/thegolfdirector-com-tech-talk-with-nike-golf/
Tiltleist Golf httpss://radio.thegolfdirector.com/titleist-golf-on-tgd-radio-tech-talk/
Full Swing Golf Simulators httpss://radio.thegolfdirector.com/thegolfdirector-com-tech-talk-featuring-full-swing-golf/