The Ultimate Guys Trip!

There’s a reason this company is billed as providing the “ultimate guys trip”. They’ve gone out of their way to make sure “ultimate” applies to everything they include in their packages. For groups of 8 to 16 people they offer all-inclusive adventures with luxury housing, the best golf courses, ocean and waterway boating experiences, nightlife, attractions, and dining. Your trip fee includes everything you need after arriving.


Luxury limousines shuttle you from point to point. Transportation to and from the airport, to and from the courses, to and from the restaurants, and to and from the nightlife spots is part of the package. You do not have to drive….unless you just want to break away from the group and do something on your own.


Meals are included at some of the area’s finest restaurants. And, no, you won’t need your wallet…it is included. During each stay there are nights planned to hand out at the house. For those nights a professional chef comes to the house and prepares the meals that were selected from the package.


Whether you choose fishing or just cruising on luxurious mini yacht, your group will be thrilled with the experience. Cruising down the Intracoastal Waterway to a great restaurant or heading out to the Gulfstream for a day of fishing are both “ultimate” additions not found in other golf packages. And yes…it is included in the price. Can you believe it?


Myrtle Beach VIP clients will stay in upscale (1 million dollar +) housing. Group sizes are managed to allow each guest to have private rooms and an ‘ultimate” experience. Bedrooms, kitchens, and seating can accommodate groups of 8 to 16. Each luxury home as a patio and swimming pool, as well as a theater.


Myrtle Beach is home to some of the finest golf courses along the east coast. Your Myrtle Beach VIP vacation will include tee times at the most affluent courses. You’ll play Grande Dunes, Barefoot Dye, TPC, Tidewater, Caledonia, True Blue and other top shelf courses on your Myrtle Beach adventure. Get started planning today at Myrtle Beach VIP Vacations.